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Thursday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

The 2019 Summer Tour takes a turn North to visit the Canadian Rockies.

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—It was a sad day Wednesday as we said goodbye to Everyday Should be Saturday, one of the original Godfather sites of the sports internet.

Verne Lundquist giving EDSBS a shoutout in the middle of a nationally televised game on CBS was one of the first moments where I realized sports on the internet were here to stay and that this was something that I might, some day, be able to do full-time. Rest easy, EDSBS.

—Thankfully, Spencer and company are still going to be around for the 2019 college football season. They’ve launched Banner Society, a cool project that I’m very excited to follow.

—Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is setting some lofty expectations for year two of the Lamar Jackson era in Baltimore.

Told on NFL Network that his predecessor as Ravens coach, Brian Billick, expects the Ravens’ offense to look unlike any ever seen before in the NFL, Harbaugh said Billick is right.

“I would kind of agree with that, I really do,” Harbaugh said.

Told that Cam Newton‘s career high is 139 carries, Harbaugh said Jackson will run the ball more than that.

“I’d bet the over on that one. I’d bet the over for sure on that one,” Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh suggested that the Ravens may help usher in a new era in offensive football, much like the 49ers did in the 1980s.

“The game was probably revolutionized with Bill Walsh and Joe Montana,” Harbaugh said. “What’s the next era going to be? We’re about to find out.”

—Like most everyone, Eric Crawford is a fan of the KFC Yum Center court redesign.

—Jeff Walz is back in Louisville after leading the USA U19 team to a gold medal in Thailand.

—Louisville is a 2-seed in Joe Lunardi’s latest summer bracketology.

—Will Smith simply can’t stop hitting 9th inning home runs.

How impressive has he been in his brief MLB career?

That’s your guy behind the plate moving forward, LA.

—Adam Duvall has also been playing long ball in the bigs all week.

—The Atlanta Hawks have officially signed Ray Spalding.

—The Brooklyn Nets have done the same with Deng Adel.

—I am a huge fan of obscurely specific stats used to make a program, team, player or coach seem like more than they are. This is a very solid example of one of those.

Georgia’s winning the SEC now. Get your bets in before the price drops.

—Thanks to a major glitch, Lamar Jackson is (or was) more unstoppable in the new Madden than Michael Vick was in 2004.

—Tickets for Louisville vs. Western Kentucky in Nashville are now on sale.

—Smart move to make sure former Cards are repping U of L throughout training camp.

—Louisville will celebrate “Heroes Day” on Sept. 7 when the Cardinal football team hosts Eastern Kentucky. You can nominate a hero to be recognized on the field during the game by going here.

—The folks over at have a nice roundtable discussion about the upcoming football season.

—They grow up so fast (both Teddy and the baby).

—Former U of L field hockey star Ayeisha McFerran has signed a professional contract with a Dutch club.

—Jeff Greer’s oral history of Donovan Mitchell’s time at Louisville is loaded with fantastic nuggets.

Lee: In practice, Donovan would be on the second team or the scout team. When you’re on the second team, you have more freedom than the guys on the first team. Donovan would be the other team’s best player. We’d call him “Sliders,” because it was like when you play NBA 2K and you put the game sliders all the way up to 99 or 100. It’s just like, What the hell is going on? What is this dude doing? He’s making everything, making these crazy passes, dunking on people.

Padgett: This will sound funny, but he had to learn how to play the game a little better. He’s always had a good IQ, but he needed to raise it even more and realize he couldn’t get away with what he did in high school purely from his athleticism. It took him a little while to realize that, but once he did, he figured it out and you could tell the difference.

Pitino (after a win over North Carolina in 2016): He’s a freak athlete, and some of the rebounds you need, he goes and gets them, and you say, “Oh, my God, did you see that?” Then he tries to dunk on plays that you don’t even think about dunking.

Bowden: There’s no secret Coach P was religious when it came to how much video we watched. We had an app we used to put our games and edits on for the guys to watch. We could track how much and how often they were watching, and Donovan was always the No. 1 guy — hours and hours ahead of everyone else. During the week, we’d watch two or three hours as a team. He’d go an extra 20 to 30 a week. He’d just be watching games or cut-ups of how the opposing guards were getting their shots off.

—Speaking of Mitchell, the “Stealth Spider-Man” version of his signature shoe is now available.

—A very happy birthday to Dana Evans.

—Recent U of L men’s tennis graduate Christopher Kougoucheff has joined the coaching staff at Duke.

—The CJ takes a closer look at Louisville’s tight end position group.

—Aidan Igiehon appears to be fitting in just fine in Louisville.

—Notre Dame’s offseason has come to a close, and now the Fighting Irish are preparing for Louisville.

—Mayfield’s Kade Neely has been offered a preferred walk-on spot by Louisville.

—Scott Satterfield says his players already grasp what the new coaching staff wants them to do. The issue now is execution.

One thing Satterfield has done, particularly on offense, is simplify the playbook. He has done this throughout his career, he said, emphasizing execution over scheme.

”When we first started putting this offense in at App a long time ago, our principle was keep it simple,” he said. “I want to keep it simple so our players play fast and don’t have to think a lot. So it is pretty simple. It’s all about execution and playing hard. These guys understand what we’re trying to do. They’ve caught on to the scheme. Now it’s all about execution.”

But don’t expect Satterfield’s time at Louisville to be a carbon copy of his time at App State. He knows it’s a different situation. He said he can’t just lay the same blueprint down and expect the same results.

Still, he said, the new challenge won’t result in him being a different coach than he has been.

”I think you’ve got certain core things you’ll do, but we tweaked it a lot at App too,” he said. “You’ve always got to be asking is this the right thing? You’re always looking. It’s not an exact science. You’ve got your core principles and values, and that’s what we’re going to be made of. But then you have who our personalities are. We inherited this team, so they’re different personalities than we had at App. But the core values are going to be the same. . . . It’s a different situation here. I didn’t know anybody when I got here, so that’s a little bit different. But we’re going to lay a good foundation.”

—Jeff Walz and company are “always watching” class of 2021 star Raven Johnson.

—Brendan McKay will be making his third career MLB (pitching) start tonight when the Rays face the Red Sox.

—Yes he can.

—As he has shown throughout this summer, Jamon Brown’s mission is to give back.

—Everyone heard or read Harbaugh’s comments, but can Lamar Jackson and the Ravens really revolutionize the NFL offense?

—And finally, Clemson is the No. 1 team in the land in the preseason coaches poll. Louisville did not receive a vote.