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How to Let Spectrum Know You Want the ACC Network

A Public Service Announcement

Just because Louisville, for quite sometime now, has been the country’s leading college basketball TV market, and just because Spectrum has lots and lots of customers in the Carolinas does not mean that Spectrum, the primary cable carrier in Louisville, will add the ACC Network to it lineup.

Having followed this relatively closely for awhile now, I believe it will happen. It makes too much sense.

But, you never know.

So here are two ways to contact Spectrum to let the company know you want them to carry the ACC Network from the get go.

Call corporate headquarters at 314-965-0555. When the tape starts reciting the menu, just press 5. Tell the person who answers you want to know if Spectrum is going to carry the ACC Network? That person will connect you with someone else who will take your request.

Be patient, that last wait was over five minutes for me.

You can also go to, and fill out the form, putting “ACC Network” in the box where it asks for your favorite channel.

Do it today.

Tell your friends.

— Seedy K