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Best Cardinal Defender Ever?

For some reason, Seedy K again wants to know what you think?

It’s the way these such discussions usually play out.

Last week I inquired of my loyal readers whom you all considered the best U of L footballer ever?

Not surprisingly, Heisman winner Lamar Jackson was the way more than consensus choice.

The others receiving votes were just about all offensive players, mostly QBs. Even Will Stein got a mention, though we have to believe it was meant as a jest. Surprisingly I didn’t hear from the The Professor, who has always espoused that Stefan LeFors was the best QB to wear the red & black.

Let’s play this game one more once, but limit it to the defensive side of the ball.

So, guys and gals, ladies and gents, those of you already looking for deals on tailgating brats at the Costo, those counting the days until the Fighting Irish come to town, whom do you consider the best U of L Cardinal pigskin defender ever?

Stats and anecdotal evidence to back up your choice are a good thing.

Doug Buffone?

Jaire Alexander?

Sam Madison?

Otis Wilson?

Elvis Dumervil?

And those are just a few names that immediately come to my addled mind. I’m sure there are many others worthy of a place in this discussion.

Bring it.

— Seedy K