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The Cardinal Countdown: 76 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Boston College Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

#76 Luke Massad

Class: RS Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-2/216

Position: Long Snapper

Hometown: Paducah, KY

Twitter: @lukemassad

Thoughts: For the countdown aficionados you probably thought once we got into the 70’s you were going to get to kick back, relax, and sail through the end of June with the cool sounds of “O-line chatter” whispering into your football loving ears. While I appreciate the devotion, in this instance you are mistaken. We kick off the 70’s with one of the more underappreciated positions on the entire football field. The long snapper.

Can you imagine how much worse last season would have been had Mason King had to pick up balls off his shoe or test his max vertical every time the ball came flying back at him?! I mean, the poor kid had to punt the dang ball 69 times (nice) last year to begin with, fortunately he wasn’t pulling a groin stretching for the ball as he dropped back his 6th or 7th time each game. You know why he didn’t though? Cause those Cards Long Snappers are the real deal. Luke has been a preferred walk-on with the Cards for awhile now, and even though the boy wonder Mitch Hall is holding down the spot during live action Massad is getting plenty of reps and opportunity on the practice fields. Luke found his way onto a Division-I roster after transitioning from the offensive line in high school and has been a nice piece of the special teams since he arrived on campus. In the off chance Massad doesn’t get to fling the ol’ pigskin through his legs in a game this year, just wanted to let you know your efforts did not go unnoticed. Tip of the cap Luke.

Sweet Tweet:

Just peeped my clock and was not surprised to find out that it’s time once again for…a long snapper trick shot video.