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The Cardinal Countdown: 95 Days Until Kickoff

Louisville v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

#95 Thurman Geathers

Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-3/230

Position: Defensive Line

Hometown: Acworth, GA

Twitter: @TJTherm

Thoughts: Even though the on field results did not go as planned there was a lot of press about the 2018 recruiting class as the Cards brought in one of the best classes in the history of the program last year. While some of the higher ranked athletes got the majority of the attention it was a nearly universal opinion by many of the folks who get paid to cover Louisville football that Thurman Geathers was very underrated and one to watch in the seasons to come.

Geathers, as expected, took a redshirt last year adding some weight and continuing to work on his technique off the edge. While North Cobb High School appeared to run a few different defensive sets up front 99% of the time Geathers was coming out of a three point stance. That experience should translate well to what Coach Brown is looking for Geather’s to do moving forward. His athleticism is undeniable as he showed his speed and flexibility in high school grabbing more sacks than the Hamburgler and showing enough bounce to hop right over top your memaw and her bingo buddies.

I think Geathers has a shot to get a decent amount of PT this year as the Cards will run a defense that needs to have speed and the ability to play fast. Often times that combination calls for more depth on the defensive line as the big fellas down low may not exactly have the…..“stamina” shall we say of the backers and the secondary. Rotation and depth will be important and having at least four or five players you feel confident putting on the field to seal the edge/rush the passer will be key to success. I think at some point during this season Geathers makes himself one of those guys.

Sweet Tweet:

Geathers can get into the backfield consistently but does a great job avoiding over pursuit of the ball. I know I’ve only watched his “highlights” but his ability to keep outside contain while being 2-3 yards behind the line of scrimmage is impressive. One other item of note is that when they throw a blocker on him he keeps his pad level low and almost always beats his man to the spot. Geathers, coming from a long line of football players including a few who have made it to the NFL, could be another great one in the bloodline. If it doesn’t work out……Thurman Geathers II is an incredible name. English Butler, fashion designer, southern pastor. Plans B, C, and D all lined up for ya big Therm. I got you.