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Jordan Nwora “50-50” on returning to Louisville for junior season

The Cardinal forward believes he can be a first round pick in this year’s NBA Draft.

ACC Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinals Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

A calf injury has kept Jordan Nwora from actively participating in this week’s NBA draft combine, but it couldn’t stop him from giving an update on his draft status during Friday’s media session.

During the session Nwora reiterated that he needs to feel confident that he’s going to be a first round pick if he’s going to stay in the draft, stated that he believes he could be a first round pick, and then put up a number on his likelihood of returning to Louisville for his junior season.

“I’m still 50-50,” Nwora said. ”Just going to be the feedback I’m getting. Obviously, I wasn’t able to play this week, I wanted to play really badly. It happens. I should be good to start doing stuff next week, work out a little. If I hear what I want to hear, I’ll stay and if not I’ll go back to school.”

Nwora has until May 29 to make a decision, and the Cardinal forward indicated on Friday that he’ll likely use all the time available to him before announcing his intentions.

“There’s plenty of reasons to go back,” Nwora said. ”Go back to the tournament. We have a great class coming in, great coaches. I’ll get to learn another year, polish my game, make a deep run in the tournament hopefully, win a lot more games, a national championship. There’s so many reasons to go back to school and there are so many reasons for making the jump.

”... I think we’ll be really exciting. Even if say I do stay here, they’re still going to be an exciting group to watch. Like I said, we’ll see.”