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Coming soon to Card Chronicle: Baby Rutherford

Penny the Dog is in for a rude awakening.

It’s been 12 years and these personal announcement posts have never gotten any less awkward for me.

Since starting this website back in 2006, it’s been a staple of my life as I’ve graduated college, started law school, dropped out of law school, started writing professionally, gotten married, started doing radio full-time, gotten a dog, and absorbed all the other beautiful and cruel bursts of life along the way. A lot of you, a healthy majority of whom I’ve never met in whatever has constituted “the real world” over this time, have been here for all of this. Occasionally we’ve had to have these brief, mostly one-sided conversations, if only because the topic at hand was guaranteed to affect this website, and in turn, our relationship. This one is no different.

Baby Rutherford (Baby Chronicle?) is set to make its arrival into the world just before the start of Louisville’s 2019 football season. Its mother and father are more, or at least as, excited to meet it as any two people in this world have ever been about anything.

There will be a time for jokes that are actually complaints about lack of sleep and changing diapers and the rapidity of aging that I’m told fatherhood brings. For now, though, there’s just ... well, I don’t try too hard to put those into the words because words always fail the best things.

This is the best thing. With the tournament over and everything settled down, being able to share it with all of you is part of the best thing.

Now get ready for like 17 straight weeks of my kid on every News & Notes post starting this fall.