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Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin fires back at Jeff Walz

This remains the weirdest state.

Businessman Matt Bevin Challenges Senate Minority Leader McConnell In Primary Election Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

The odd but budding rivalry between Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin and Louisville women’s basketball coach Jeff Walz took a significant step forward on Wednesday.

During an interview with Terry Meiners on 840 WHAS Wednesday afternoon, Bevin claimed that Walz was “out-coached” in Louisville’s Elite Eight loss to Connecticut. He also added that “if (Walz) had been a little more focused on game strategy and coaching that weekend and a little less on this kind of silliness, the better team would have won.”

After Bevin tweeted his congratulations to the Kentucky men’s basketball team on making the Elite Eight, Walz drew national attention for a response letting Bevin know that his team had advanced to a regional final as well. Bevin would ultimately tweet his congratulations, but would mention his friend Dr. Neeli Bendapudi and not Walz. This set the stage for Wednesday’s comments.

Bevin did not offer up an explanation for why the Kentucky men also lost in the Elite Eight.

Weirdest state in America.