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Louisville No. 15 in NCAA Bracket Preview

The Cards would be headed West if the tournament began today.

North Carolina State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The NCAA Tournament Selection Committee revealed its top 16 current seeds during the annual “NCAA March Madness Bracket Preview Show” on CBS Saturday afternoon, and Louisville checked in at No. 15.

Here’s what the committee’s complete top 16 would look like if the Big Dance started today:

1) Duke
2) Tennessee
3) Virginia
4) Gonzaga
5) Kentucky
6) Michigan
7) North Carolina
8) Michigan State
9) Purdue
10) Kansas
11) Houston
12) Marquette
13) Iowa State
14) Nevada
15) Louisville
16) Wisconsin

And here’s the way that top 16 would shake out region to region:

In Anaheim:

1. Gonzaga
2. Michigan State
3. Kansas
4. Louisville

In Washington DC:

1. Duke
2. Michigan
3. Marquette
4. Iowa State

In Kansas City:

1. Virginia
2. Kentucky
3. Houston
4. Wisconsin

In Louisville:

1. Tennessee
2. UNC
3. Purdue
4. Nevada

Not too shabby. Let’s continue the ladder-climbing process in a few hours.