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Dez Melton Signs With Louisville Football

Houston v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images


247 Composite: 3*/.8293

247: 3*/83

ESPN: 3*/70

Rivals: 3*/5.5

Other Offers: Arizona, ASU, Nebraska, Iowa State


Evaluation: Louisville is getting a versatile player who could have an easier transition to the tight end spot than others. Melton has the height and length you want to see at the tight end spot with the speed of a running back. Stu Holt will have his work cut out for him as he will have to develop Melton’s blocking ability almost from scratch. But he will have an athletic kid to work with who will be able to do things that most tight ends can’t. Melton will be able to turn short passes into longer gains with his running ability.

Summary: It’s no secret that Louisville’s staff went hard after Tyler Devera when they first hit the road to recruit. Devera chose Maryland over UofL but the staff targeted a player or two more than they needed in this class and that strategy paid off at the tight end position. Stu Holt got two high school tight ends to visit and he landed one of those two. Melton ended up being one of the only “second” choices but the staff offering such a small number of players shows that they identified specific guys that they feel can contribute.