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Jackson Gregory Signs With Louisville Football

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images


247 Composite: 3*/.8104

247: 2*/79

ESPN: 3*/71

Rivals: 2*/5.4

Other Offers: N/A


Evaluation: I went into my initial watch of Jackson Gregory’s highlights thinking that I would be watching a kid that just didn’t have the ability to play at the power five level. I came away noticing that he showed the same traits that I saw when I watched the other offensive line targets. Gregory can really move for a 280 pound kid and he punishes defensive players once he latches on. Louisville will be playing a zone scheme along the offensive line and they need guys that can not only get to their blocks in space, but also hold those blocks. While I do think that he will be a “project”, I don’t look at Gregory as a guy that will end up not contributing. He has the size and the athleticism to grow into a guy that should eventually be a solid backup at the very least.

Summary: There is no other player in this recruiting class that will embody the trust that Louisiville fans will have to have with this staff’s ability to evaluate talent. Jackson Gregory didn’t have an offer from another FBS team and he wasn’t on the radar for many FCS teams outside of Ohio. But he had a preferred walk on offer from Ohio State and he was one of the few offensive line targets that Dwayne Ledford wanted soon after taking the job at Louisville. The Cards needed bodies on the offensive line, but they moved on from a kid that was already committed to take a player that they felt fit what they want in this new scheme.