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Joshua Black Signs With Louisville Football

NCAA Football: Clemson at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


247 Composite: 3*/.8290

247: 3*/82

ESPN: 3*/75

Rivals: 2*/5.4

Other Offers: South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Western Kentucky, Tennessee, Wake Forest


Evaluation: Louisville needed to add depth to the offensive line and I think they made a good call to target Black as a guy who probably won’t play early but should develop in to a good offensive linemen. There is a rising movement that suggests that offensive line coaches are starting to look for more “undersized” linemen out of high school as opposed to big 300+ pound guys. Only one lineman selected to attend the Senior Bowl this year was 300 pounds coming out of high school. You can see in Black’s highlights that he has plenty of ability to create push as an offensive lineman but he can really move well and gets to his blocks at the second level with ease. At 6-4, he has plenty of room to add good weight while holding onto his athleticism.

Summary: Josh Black has seen his recruitment tick upwards over the last few years after being a G5 target early on. Georgia Tech swooped in and flipped him from Western Kentucky before their coaching change. Dwayne Ledford and Scott Satterfield both took an interest in Black early in the second week of the signing period and took advantage of another team’s coaching change to add to a position of need.