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Aidan Igiehon featured in “Future All-Stars” billboard


Aidan Igiehon is one of 10 prep basketball players featured in a “Future Stars” billboard on the I-277 at Graham Street exit in Charlotte for NBA All-Star Weekend.

Here’s what it looks like:

From Overtime, which funded the billboard, the players included are (from left to right):

Mikey Williams - Mikey Williams is the best 8th grader in the country. He’s from California and is known for his crazy dunks and LeBron comparisons.

Jalen Green - The most athletic junior in the nation! Jalen Green is from California and dunks on everyone.

RJ Hampton - The Texas point guard can do everything on the court. People say he could play in the NBA right now!!

Cassius Stanley - Cassius is a senior from California. Since 9th grade he has been throwing down viral dunks. He legit floats in the air.

LaMelo Ball - The son of LaVar and brother of Lonzo Ball. LaMelo is a senior at Spire Institute in Ohio. He is from California. LaMelo is the most famous high school basketball player ever. He played professionally overseas last year.

Cole Anthony - The son of NBA player Greg Anthony. Cole is a point guard at Oak Hill Academy in VA. He’s from NYC and is regarded as the best point guard in the country.

Jalen Lecque - Senior at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire. Jalen is from New York and committed to NC State. He is the most athletic player in the country.

Anthony Edwards - From Georgia and committed to Georgia. Anthony Edwards has bursted onto the seen as a top guard in the nation. He could be the #1 pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

Scottie Lewis - From New Jersey and committed to the University of Florida. Scottie Lewis is super talented and has gotten comparisons to Kobe Bryant.

Aidan Igiehon - Aidan lives in NY but is originally from Ireland. He has become famous for his power game and his nickname “The Irish Hulk”. Aidan is committed to Louisville.

Overtime said it wanted to highlight the next generation of potential NBA talent by featuring “high school athletes that one day may be NBA All-Stars themselves.”

Pretty cool thing for Aidan.