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Henry Bryant Signs With Louisville Football

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Louisville Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


247 Composite: 3*/.8660

247: 3*/88

Rivals: 3*/5.5

ESPN: 3*/76

Other Offers: Duke, Iowa State, NC State, UK, West Virginia, Pitt, Syracuse



Bryant plays with a chip on his shoulder which you would expect from a guy that may be six feet tall if he stands on his toes. I can understand that some don’t like a guy that is so short playing on the line but Bryant is very similar to DeAngelo Brown in his stature and how he utilizes his quickness to make plays. Brown was great at holding his ground be staying low and planting himself but he could also disrupt things really well by getting to his spot before blockers could. Bryant shows that same ability and he has an outstanding motor. He’s one of my favorite guys in this class.


Louisville had a big run of commitments this summer after a couple of camps that they held. Bryant was one of the big gets during that run as NC State had been working on landing him. Bryant took a late visit to State but the UofL staff was able to hold them off. Bryant is undersized by traditional standards but he is 275 pounds and should be able to get to the 280 range which is about where they want guys on the defensive line. With the depth issues on the defensive line, I think that Bryant should have a strong chance to be in the rotation.