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Braden Smith Signs With Louisville Football

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images


247 Composite: 3*/8.440

247: 3*/83

Rivals: 3*/5.5

ESPN: 3*/77

Other Offers: Western Michigan, Louisiana



Smith is a reach for this staff on paper but his film shows that he can likely be a contributor right away. He shows a really good ability to find holes in the middle of the field and he makes catches with his hands away from his body. His past as a quarterback makes me think that he should have some fearlessness in the middle of the field and he shouldn’t have a problem taking a hit. Smith has good speed but he’s not a blazer. He also doesn’t have unbelievable quickness. He projects as a really good possession guy in the slot. UofL doesn’t have that right now and as the offense evolves they will need guys like him.


I was a bit surprised when UofL offered Smith because they seemed to be pretty heavy in the slot. Bringing in a JUCO guy with only two years when Tutu Atwell was the obvious starter and guys like Keion Wakefield, Josh Johnson, and others were on the roster was a little odd. Now that Wakefield has moved on and Johnson is battling another injury, it makes sense that the staff wanted more depth and probably more versatility. Over the last few weeks, Smith has been the guy that has been mentioned as an immediate contributor so it seems like the coaches have a plan for him.