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Desmond Daniels Signs With Louisville Football

Florida State v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images


247 Composite: 3*/.8342

247: 3*/81

Rivals: 3*/5.6

ESPN: 3*/72

Other Offers: IU, Maryland, UAB, Syracuse



Louisville recruited Daniels as a tight end while everyone else wanted him as a defensive end. The “Y” tight end spot for Louisville is a position that needs to be able to block very well while being able to make some plays as a pass catcher. We saw that this year and that will be the ongoing trend for the most part. Daniels wanted to be a tight end and he spent his spring transitioning from being an undersized tackle to being a guy who can block and catch passes. Stu Holt did a great job with Ean Pfiefer this year, so I don’t have any doubt that he can do the same here.


Daniels made some rounds to team camps this spring trying to show that he can play tight end. This staff was willing to take that chance with him and they might end up in a good spot because of it. Daniels has the size and frame to play the spot so it’s all about whether or not he can run and catch like you need. Dez Melton was essentially named the offensive scout player of the year last week so they could be in good shape with two guys who converted from other positions to become tight ends here.