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Luke Kandra Signs With Louisville Football

Kentucky v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images


247 Composite: 3*/.8532

247: 3*/87

Rivals: 5.5

ESPN: 3*/75

Other Offers: IU, BC, Cincinnati, Purdue



I am a big fan of Kandra and I think he’s the best lineman in this class. Even though he shows the same traits as the rest of the group, he seems more polished to me. Nothing he does seems to come from raw power or just being bigger than the other guy. It’s all technical and clean. His hands are always in the right spot and his footwork is really nice. Sometimes it’s hard to articulate what you see when it comes to recruits and maybe that’s the case here, but to me Kandra looks like a guy that’s the most ready to play early even if that won’t likely happen.


Louisville had a legit challenge for Kandra with IU and Boston College obviously has a very strong track record with offensive linemen. The guy that deserves a lot of credit in this recruitment is Eric Wood. He was just a retired NFL guy at the time who happened to workout at the football facility. But he took the time to form a relationship with Luke and he helped to seal the deal. There’s a little bit of irony to Louisville getting a lineman from the same high school as Wood after years of hearing about how Bobby Petrino turns guys like Wood into NFL players. Kandra is a guy that I think is a sleeper to see the field early at guard as a backup.