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Jared Dawson Signs With Louisville Football

NCAA Football: Clemson at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


247 Composite: 3*/.8628

247: 3*/88

Rivals: 3*/5.5

ESPN: 3*/78

Other Offers: Georgia Tech, Memphis, Kansas, Wake Forest, Missouri



Jared Dawson is apparently a very good wrestler down in Tennessee and he brings that toughness to the field. He also uses his hands really well along with having great burst off the ball and good quickness. Dawson has an outstanding motor that allows him to chase down plays outside of his area. It’s a hard skill to describe but his best attribute is just the brute strength he plays with. He’s a guy that’s a little lower in the class that I think we could see push for early playing time.


Louisville got in on Dawson this spring and landed his commitment during their big run this summer. Dawson went 50-3 as a wrestler last year and I think that was a key factor in why they liked him. Norvall McKenzie got into Tennessee where he played in college and held on to Dawson for half a year. I think all the freshmen linemen will play in some capacity this year with Dawson possibly being an impact freshman.