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Tee Webb Signs With Louisville Football

NCAA Football: Western Kentucky at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


247 Composite: 3*/.8647

247: 3*/87

Rivals: 3*/5.6

ESPN: 3*/77

Other Offers: Miami, Memphis, Syracuse, Georgia Tech



It’s remarkable to me how similar Webb’s arm motion is to Trevor Lawrence who starred at Cartersville before him. His motion allows him to speed up his arm to get the ball out really quickly if needed and I love how quickly the ball gets on the receiver on slants. Webb has nice arm strength but the placement on the deep ball could be a bit better. Some of that might be due to timing and him holding onto the ball a little longer than he should as most of the throws in question are short. Webb has a little bit of mobility but I don’t know that he would be able to run the option the way we saw this year.


It stood out to me that Dan Enos really wanted Webb as a recruit. Enos first started recruiting him when he was at Alabama and when he took the offensive coordinator job at Miami he immediately extended an offer to him. Enos might not be an amazing OC but he’s been pretty good with quarterbacks and I think it’s at least noteworthy that he felt that Webb was good enough to be the first quarterback he offered at Miami.

Webb will get a full spring practice and summer workout session under him before he starts his first season and I think that will be big. He has the arm skills that could set him a part from others and he is mobile enough for Scott Satterfield to adjust the offense to him.