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Timothy Lawson Signs With Louisville Football

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


247 Composite: 3*/.8668

247: 3*/87

Rivals: 3*/5.6

ESPN: 3*/78

Other Offers: NC State, UNC, UVA, UK, Maryland



Lawson will be a great fit for Louisville’s offensive line. He has really good length that should put him outside at tackle and could help him get on the field more quickly. Lawson has the athleticism Dwayne Ledford has sought out and finishes his blocks well. I also like that he should arrive on campus around 285 pounds. That will allow the strength coaches to work with him to build weight as opposed to him having to lose weight and build muscle.


Ledford put his focus on a pretty small group of linemen considering how many they needed. Lawson was a really good get for the staff as he is a bit out of the recruiting footprint and he spurned Maryland who also brought in a new staff last year. I think that any player that ends up at offensive tackle will have a chance to play next year but if Adonis Boone and Trevor Reid end up being the players I expect them to be, Lawson could be looking at a redshirt next year.