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Marvin Dallas Signs With Louisville Football

NCAA Football: Eastern Kentucky at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


247 Composite: 3*/.8681

247: 3*/88

Rivals: 3*/5.6

ESPN: 3*/77

Other Offers: Central Michigan, USF



When you have a few extra spots in a recruiting class, you can take a few risks and Dallas is a risk in my opinion. He can do one thing that gives a little sign of what the staff sees in him. He can really run. Bryan Brown wants guys that can close space quickly and you can’t really teach that. So it makes sense that they would be willing to bring in Dallas and hope to develop him. He has to improve when it comes to covering but my biggest concern is his instincts. He just doesn’t look comfortable and he looks like he’s having to think a lot. Maybe that improves in Brown’s system but it’s a bit of a flag for me.


Dallas was another guy that Dale Jones recruited out of Georgia Military College. UofL focused on a few guys and really liked Dallas as a guy who could move to the Card position as a hybrid linebacker/safety. Dallas was a multi-sport athlete in high school but wasn’t recruited. Coaches always say that if you make a mistake make it giving 100% effort. In recruiting if you miss on a guy at least make sure they can run.