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After the Buzzer: Indiana State

Indiana State v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Quick Hitters

-Dwayne Sutton followed up his three-rebound performance by going out and grabbing 10 in this game. He added 14 points for his first double-double of the season. I don’t expect 10 every game, but it certainly has to be more than three. And until Malik Williams gets back, 10 actually isn’t unreasonable.

-Balance. The top seven guys attempted the following number of shots: 10, 9, 6, 6, 6, 5, and 4. Only one of those guys shot under 50% and that’s Steven Enoch, who was 2-6. That isn’t really the norm for Enoch, so the fact that the other guys were all 50% and above is a really good sign.

-Darius Perry had three assists but turned the ball over four times. But he did take a charge, even if it was reversed for no reason whatsoever.

-Speaking of turnovers, I am just going to update this every game. My Jordan Nwora assist/turnover watch. This game it was two of each, bringing his season totals to four assists and six turnovers.

-Not hating at all on Nwora. I thought he played really well this game. He was aggressive on offense, but seemed to take more shots in the flow of the offense instead of forcing things. His defense was also improved, which you know (if you consistently read these) that I am a tough critic of. You will see in the film review that he just made a simple switch on a play, but it was a really good move. Scoring has never been an issue for him. Cut down the turnovers and keep working on defense and we are good.

-Ryan McMahon continues to light it up from deep, so let it fly big guy.

-Samuell Williamson just keeps showing that he is the real deal. He can score in a variety of ways and I love his rebounding (had five this game). What is worth watching for when we start playing better competition is if those teams will step in and take a charge on those running floaters he shoots. If so, he will need to stop and take the pull-up jumper. But until someone steps in and stops it, keep doing what works.

-Speaking of fouls, Aidan Igiehon played 11 minutes and DID NOT FOUL! He still looks like the game is a little fast for him on the defensive end, but the effort is obviously there and the only thing that will help is continued game experience. He will get there. I point out in the film review that he still seems a little flat-footed on defense so it takes him a little longer to recover on ball screens. You can coach that. You can’t coach effort, so we will take that.

-Fresh Kimble had his best game so far as far as scoring. I don’t think he has played bad at all this year anyway, but it was nice to see some shots go down. Not only that, but adding four rebounds and three assists shows he can stuff the stat sheet. I continue to be very impressed with his on-ball defense as well. The guy can lock some people down and it’s been very valuable when the shot clock is winding down and they have to end up forcing a bad shot.

-After being outrebounded 46-38 in their game against Youngstown State, the Cards got the message and responded with a 42-21 advantage on the boards in this game. The offensive rebounds given up also dipped from 19 to eight in these last two games.

-15 turnovers in this game is a bit much, especially when 11 came from the starters.

-Overall I just thought it was a well-played game by Louisville. Shots were falling and the defense was very solid. I noticed when I was doing the film review that I had about eight clips before I found a negative one. Not saying there weren’t things that can be corrected before that, just not many that were so bad that they had to be pointed out. Usually I am about half and half with positive and negative plays on these, but this one was definitely in favor of the positive plays.

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