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Part Deux: It’s Micale Not Michle, A Mea Culpa

Seedy K sets the record straight

So, silly me, ever the contrarian, for actually believing what I read with my own eyes.

Which is that in an interview after the BC game, Micale Cunningham spelled out his name when asked as M*i*c*h*l*e.

It appears obvious in retrospect that it was simply a transcription error.

Which I am obviously compelled to acknowledge. But only after, silly me, I imperiously wrote a pompous putdown of several folks who did more research and spelled it correctly, including Eric Crawford, the C-J, and, most pertinent/important, my Glorious Editor.

As for the latter, in his beneficence, Glorious Editor graciously agreed not to terminate my status as Card Chronicle’s cranky contrarian curmudgeon.

And, to be honest my not so voluntary, suggested penance isn’t too onerous.

Picking up diapers at Chez Rutherford, washing, sanitizing, drying, folding, and returning them, twice a week until the end of football season, is a not that awful. Or, so I would say before gathering the first batch.

So, to Micale, Micale’s family, those mentioned above, their families, heirs and assigns at law, my sincere apologies for any inconvenience my gaffe might have caused.

As for Glorious Editor Rutherford, I’m on my way.

— Seedy K