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Chris Mack talks at Louisville media day

Minnesota v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images


Quick highlights:

—Has done his best to temper expectations, but knows it’s not something he can control.

—”What did you get out of the Ohio State scrimmage?” We got our asses kicked.

—Was very disappointed with the way Louisville came out against Ohio State in the scrimmage. They played much better in the second half, but by that point it was already too late.

—Asked to point to someone who was a pleasant surprise in the scrimmage and says Darius Perry. He was tremendous on defense and finished with six steals. He had some turnovers on offense, but shot it pretty well. No one had a great game offensively.

—David Johnson is back to practicing, but he can’t participate in anything that includes contact. He remains ahead of schedule, which is great.

—Quinn Slazinski is getting back into conditioning. He should be able to suit up for the Bellarmine game on Tuesday, but not sure how much he’ll be able to play.

—The biggest difference in practice between this year and last year is that we have six freshmen this year who came here having no idea what college basketball is like. Last year, even though we were implementing a new system, you had guys who had college basketball experience and a base knowledge of how things are done. This year, we’re telling things to guys again and again and again and again and again.