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Scott Satterfield weekly press conference

The Cardinal head coach reviews the loss to Clemson and looks ahead to Virginia.

Notre Dame v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images



—Team turned its attention to Virginia almost immediately, but it was good for them to look at the Clemson film and see some of the plays they left out there on the field. You can’t do that against a team like that.

—Virginia is right there with Clemson as being one of the best defensive teams in the country. Their linebackers are outstanding. Everything they do offensively goes through their quarterback.

—Javian ran the ball effectively against Clemson, and we played a really smart game mentally. The difference was we just didn’t capitalize on enough big plays.

—Neither Evan or Micale played very well against Clemson. They both did some uncharacteristic things that they hadn’t been doing. All but one of our sacks were on the quarterback holding the ball too long.

—Clemson used a spy on Bryce Perkins when they played Virginia. We’ll probably do something similar.

—Hassan Hall is day-to-day. He didn’t practice Sunday. You never know with a lower half injury. We’ll see where he is in the middle of the week. If he’s out, that’s more on Javian Hawkins’ shoulders.

—At quarterback, we’re going to play the guy who we feel like can move our offense. Don’t care who it is. If it takes both of them, we’ll play both of them. One of them hasn’t jumped out over the other one, so I’d expect that we’ll need both of them throughout the season. Whoever’s the healthiest and playing the best, that’s who we’ll play.

—Both quarterbacks, thankfully, came out of this game less banged up than they did a week ago. Hopefully they’ll both be healthier this weekend than they were for the Clemson game. Would love to see both be able to pull the ball and run a little bit more this week.

—Maurice Burkley will be the No. 2 RB this week with Hall out. Both the freshmen, Jalen Mitchell and Aidan Robbins, will get reps in practice and will be available. We still plan on redshirting both of those guys, but they can play this week. Whichever one plays better during practice will be the third string.