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Louisville basketball reveals 2019-20 tip times, TV assignments

Get the calendar out.

We’ve got game times and we’ve got TV assignments for the 2019-20 U of L men’s hoops season.

Here’s how we’re spending the winter:

Some quick thoughts:

—Only one noon game for the entire season (Dec. 14 vs. EKU) is fairly mind-blowing, but I like it.

—At home vs. North Carolina at 6 or 8 on Feb. 22 has definite College GameDay vibes.

—Just two work night 9 p.m. tip-offs this season — at Boston College (1/29) and vs. Wake Forest (2/5) — which I know was a complaint last year. Dec. 6 at Pitt is also a 9 p.m. tip, but that’s a Friday.

—I still miss the CBS afternoon game on the final weekend of the regular season.