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Countdown Q&A- Week 6, Wake Forest

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 28 Wake Forest at Boston College Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Come one, come all, gather around and watch the crazed man pull questions out of hats and search for answers that can not be found on any other blog website across the land. The only logical explanation for this teams turn around is that they’re reading the Q&A every week and pulling out little nuggets of information they are using to crush their opponent. Five weeks in and the Cards are sitting on a winning record and looking to take down another conference foe, on the road.

This weeks fun goes down with Cameron Lemons Debro from over at ‘Blogger So Dear’. Cameron was kind enough to answer some questions, defend some horrible logos, and provide a few gifs for your viewing pleasure. Lets roll.

1. This time last season, when the Cards and the Deacs lined up against each other literally no one other than those wearing red or gold gave two top hats about the outcome or what occurred on the field. This year, well, we got a different vibe for the Saturday night game at BB&T, with a ranked opponent in Wake (#19/#17) taking on a Louisville team coming off a tight game at FSU and a win last week against BC. What do you think the scene will look like for the late-night contest? Is Wake Forest excited about football again?

I think the crowd will be large however not as large as UNC just due to it being Fall break at Wake as well as the Dixie Classic Fair. However the buzz about Wake Forest Football is at a high we haven’t seen in over a decade. Clawson has done a tremendous job.

2. While John Wofford was no slouch the new man of the hour at the quarterback position for Wake is out there ‘slangin it. Jamie Newman has over 1500 yards in the air already this season, a 14/3 TD/INT ratio, and is currently Top 20 nationally in most passing categories including completion percentage (69.6%). Is this guy the real deal? How does Wake attack defenses in the passing game, dink and dunk or air it out?

I’ve been on the Jamie Newman train since NC State and have not looked back. I believe in the clutch gene and Jamie has it. We run way less WR screens and dump off pass than in the past to be honest. Passing wise it’s very much an intermediate and deep passing game. Grown man who can take hits and still step up and launch a beautiful ball

3. Full disclosure, I’m going to spend around 3 hours on Saturday afternoon researching some high quality ‘Newman’ gifs to use during the game at opportune times. I like this one…

and this one…

Got any good ones you care share with me?

I can get you a little something....

4. The Wake defense is giving up nearly 400yds/g overall but are implementing a bit of the ‘bend don’t break’ mentality as they are keeping teams out of the endzone. Having only allowed 21 points per game on average (3rd in ACC) what does the Wake D do well?

Pressure the QB, wrap up, and defending comeback routes. Boogie Basham is an absolute unit and a 1st or 2nd round draft pick in the making on the Defensive Line. Doesn’t always result in a sack but the effect he has on QBs hasn’t gone unnoticed. The LB corps as a whole, led by Justin Strnad, are solid.

5. Last week Wake Forest announced that they were going to roll out some updated branding for the University, a solid step towards making a more modern appeal to the millennial's. What they forgot to include in the press release is that they were letting Mrs. Duncan’s third grade class come up with the designs. Seriously, Cameron? Why does the new Wake Font look liked it was pulled straight from a Word doc, and why is the Deacon wearing ‘Hulk’ gloves in his silhouette?

I.. well… I’m actually a fan of the new rebrand. It actually looks damn good on Jerseys that we’ve seen across the sports outside of football (hasn’t made it there yet due to it being in season) and I’m staying put on that one.

6. Wake is coming in sitting at 5-0, which is impressive at any level, but glancing over the schedule (Utah State, @ Rice, UNC, Elon, @BC) they are still looking for that ‘signature win’ so to speak. How good is this team, really?

2nd best team in the ACC so however you want to mark that. They are a legit top 20 team. Jordan Love didn’t have his best game against LSU, but is still considered one of the best QBs that will be going to the draft. Rice and Elon are what they are, don’t think we need to look too much into them. BC, as you guys just figured out, is a tough, physical team. AJ Dillon will get his 100 yards and that’s just something you have to accept but have their issues in the secondary. UNC, I still have absolutely no idea how to judge them. Solid team? But not upper echelon. so to answer, I guess they are still looking for a “signature win” and there are a couple of those opportunities for that but one game at a time. This team is a solid one.

7. It sounds crazy to say as it still feels like the season just started, but Wake is looking to become bowl eligible on Saturday night in an ACC contest that will likely have both Winston and Salem hyped up and ready to play. The Cards are looking to start a little ACC win streak and a victory over a conference foe on the road would certainly help build momentum for Satterfield and Company. How do you see this one playing out?

Wake 42-28. I think Javian Hawkins is a legit player and will do well in this game, it’s just very hard for me to sit here and say a team that still let a backup QB throw 3 touchdowns on this secondary(one that seems to have been repeatedly pointed out by Satterfield) suddenly figures out how to stop a QB whose stats are in the upper echelon of the country. I do think this does start out as a battle of explosive plays but just one side keeps making them.


Thanks again to CLD for his time and providing some insight into the Demon Deacons. If you want to check out more from CLD you can follow him here, or look at his work over at ‘Blogger So Dear’ right here. Cards have a big opportunity to put themselves in the driver seat to go bowling with a win this week. Wake can actually get there ( 6 wins) with a win this week. It’s a big game for both sides. It’s so important I know at least one guy who is breaking out the top hat and the tails...

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 28 Wake Forest at Boston College Photo by Malcolm Hope/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images