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Hoops: The Settlement & the Commitment

Jay Scrubb is on the way, John Morgan fades away

Noteworthy developments in U of L Cardinal hoops this week are positive, I suppose.

Though two have loose ends fraying about the edges.

At the third, Louisville Live, a good time was apparently had by all.

Juco phenom Jay Scrubb announced that he’ll bring his basketball talents back home to ball for the Cardinals. That is, if he does decide to continue his higher education, if he doesn’t jump directly to the pros.

It’s a good get despite the residue of uncertainty and sets a tone for other Cardinal recruits that the Yum! is the place to play.

So I’m happy about that, but somewhat ambivalent about the other news.

Which is that Luke Hancock, Gorgui Dieng, Mike Marra -- Was he even on that ‘13 squad? -- Stephan Van Treese and Tim Henderson settled their lawsuit against the NCAA. Their aim was to officially restore the Cardinals’ “vacated” title, the lost Ws, and their personal stats and stature.

Their aim wasn’t exactly true. But, good for them for trying, I suppose.

Though I understood their reasoning when filing the claim, I frankly never took to it. That ‘13 team won the national title as a team.


This lawsuit threw their teammates under the bus. Essentially what they were saying in their suit was, “Hey, it was the other guys. We were all clean. Don’t punish us for what our teammates did.”

Don’t like the smell of that.

In the settlement, Luke got an asterisk removed from his MOP award. There was a Make Nice statement, with some fuzzy language about the stats of these guys.

And that was sorta it.

Imagine my surprise that after the settlement, the players’ lawyer, bloviating John “Mr. Bluster” Morgan, didn’t have another show and tell press conference. One to explain in detail how he brought the goliath NCAA to its knees, how he singlehandedly eliminated the indentured servitude of college athletes and restored truth, justice and recognition of U of L’s national crown.

Guess Morgan’s too busy chasing ambulances, and passing out business cards at fender benders.

All that snarkiness aside, it’s great to be talking hoops.

-- Seedy K