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Tuesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

We continue the run of lifelong Louisville fans who have never experienced a basketball loss with Lincoln, who’s holding it down for the Cards in South Carolina.

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—The Winston-Salem Journal lists five things to watch in tomorrow’s Wake Forest-Louisville tilt.

—Chris Dobbertean has Louisville as a No. 4 seed in his latest Bracketology.

—Jeff Greer writes about Steven Enoch going from simply looking the part to actually playing the part in recent weeks.

Once coach Chris Mack removed Enoch from the starting lineup ahead of the first matchup against Pittsburgh and used him as a sixth man, Enoch experienced an epiphany. He started using his legs, hips and core to post up, moving defenders with his 6-foot-10, 260-pound frame. He started getting deeper post position, catching passes much closer to the basket, which opened up ways for him to score beyond his baby hook. He also is now finishing into his hooks, using his strength to gather momentum toward the basket on his releases.

On Saturday, Mack said it sometimes “takes a little time” to get a transfer going. Enoch spent two seasons at UConn before coming to Louisville in 2017. Cardinals forward Jordan Nwora added that Enoch is now more patient and more creative with the ball in his hands, a product of getting more comfortable and confident and playing more.

The result? An illustration of why Enoch looked as if he would benefit from Mack’s schemes. Over the past six games, Enoch is averaging 12.3 points and seven rebounds. He is 25-of-39 on 2-pointers, an increase of 9.3 percentage points from the first 14 games of the season.

“It’s really just taking his time and not settling for that little hook shot every time,” Nwora said. “That’s what he did earlier in the season. He always wanted to just get right into his hook shot. Now I think he’s realizing that he’s enormous, so he’s getting a lot closer to the rim, and, because of that, he’s able to finish a lot more plays. There’s not a lot of guys in our league who will be able to block his shot. He’s not just tall, but he’s a big, strong guy. There’s not a lot of guys who are able to stop that. I think he’s starting to realize that, and it’s helping him out.”

—Virginia Tech tight end transfer Chris Cunningham says he’s visiting Louisville on Feb. 15. I am fine with taking any C. Cunningham transfer at this point.

—The CJ says that the talent gap between the U of L women’s team and UConn is narrowing.

—Conference play is really heating up in the Missouri Valley.

—State of the U (Miami) has Louisville at No. 4 in its weekly ACC power rankings.

—Big Red Louie writes about the continuing emergence of Khwan Fore.

—It’s going to feel like it’s -20 degrees here on Wednesday.

—Opposing coaches in the ACC love Dwayne Sutton.

“I think he’s just the ultimate glue guy, and I mean that as a compliment,” Pitt coach Jeff Capel said after Sutton came up just shy of a double-double in Louisville’s win Saturday. “I think every really good team has guys like him. They impact the game in a lot of different ways. I think he does it with his defense, obviously with his rebounding, and then he can score. ... He’s someone that we really had to focus on, especially with him on the offensive glass.”


“When you look at him, he’s changed his game a lot,” NC State coach Kevin Keatts said. “He’s making 3s now. We wanted to do a great job of keeping him in front. I thought our guys in the first half were more aggressive as far as attacking off the dribble and making the right play and, consequently, I thought he got some quick fouls.”


Boston College coach Jim Christian said there was not much more his team could have done to contain Sutton, whom he credited with making “tremendous shots” on his way to a double-double Jan. 16.

“Guys who make winning plays make winning plays, and he makes winning plays,” Christian said. ”I think if you ask Chris, all the effort plays he makes, the way he draws fouls in key times for them, the ability to run floor in transition, makes things difficult to guard.”

—So while the rest of the ACC pumps Dwayne up, at least one person locally is trying to bring him down.

I did not ask the question, but I respect the hell out of whoever did.

—Shockingly, Syracuse is headed back towards the bubble.

—Pitt’s facilities are not giving the Panthers a level playing field against the rest of the ACC.

—I love that U of L updates the ACC standings inside the practice facility (this is from last week).

—Business Insider says Louisville was one of the biggest winners of the past week in college basketball.

—On Friday at 11 a.m., WFPL is hosting a one-hour live show about big-league pro teams in Louisville. Dan Iseel and Kent Oyler will be a part of the discussion.

—And finally, it’s been a “Bluegrass Blitz” for Scott Satterfield and his staff thus far.