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Devin Booker acts like he wants to fight Gorgui Dieng, doesn’t really want to fight Gorgui Dieng

Minnesota Timberwolves v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The feud of the night in the NBA on Tuesday was former Card Gorgui Dieng and former Cat Devin Booker getting into it late in the Timberwolves-Suns game.

The incident started in the third quarter when Dieng grazed (maybe) Booker’s face with an elbow, causing Booker to act like he wanted to fight the 7’1 big man.

Both players were ejected from the game, but Dieng let Booker know that if he wanted the scrap to continue, he could meet him in the tunnel. Booker appeared willing to oblige.

Gorgui reportedly made it past the security attempting to hold him back, but never saw Booker.

Afterwards, the native of Senegal talked about the plague of fake tough guys in the NBA, and how he actually just wanted to swap jerseys with Booker.

A 7’1 dude from Senegal who is cool and laid back 99 percent of the time is just about the last dude in the world I would want to fight. In his heart of hearts, Devin Booker had to have known that this wasn’t some poser in a bomber jacket talking shit in an elevator after too many drinks on a Friday night. Our guy would have broken him in half.

Also, Post-Fight Interview Gorgui is a top 10 Gorgui.