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Wednesday evening Cardinal news and notes

The snow was brief in Louisville, but it lasted long enough for a healthy amount of Cardinal snowman submissions.

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—Spread check: Louisville by 11.

—BC Interruption previews tonight’s game between the Cards and the Eagles.

—Louisville signees Samuell Williamson, Aidan Igiehon, Jaelyn Withers, David Johnson and Josh Nickelberry are all among the nominees for the 2019 McDonald’s All-American Game.

—I don’t know how good he is and I don’t care. Louisville needs “Cardinal quarterback Blaze McKibbin.”

Get this done, staff.

—Speaking of quarterbacks, Florida State’s James Blackman is the latest high-profile signal caller to announce that he’s looking to transfer.

—Here’s a comprehensive look at all the players in the ever-expanding NCAA transfer portal.

—This is the best basketball highlight of 2019 so far.

—Three-Man Weave looks at the most unique players in college basketball.

—Bet Online Super Bowl odds for 2020 are somehow already available. Do something, Matt Patricia.

—FOURTEEN arm pats from Tom Crean here seems over the top.

—Kyler Murray’s decision begs the question: What’s the smartest choice an 18-year-old athletic genius could make?

—Louisville is officially re-naming its airport after Muhammad Ali.

—This is a pretty unreal stat.

McGowens is really good and Pitt was beyond atrocious last season.

—This is a really good read from the Boston Globe on Boston College’s Vin Baker Jr. and Chris Herren Jr., two people who grew up with famous fathers who both struggled with addiction.

Herren Jr. also wants to help others.

“With social media, you can be connected with anybody now,” he says. “There’s been kids that message me just asking me for advice.”

His father is ecstatic.

“I am the proudest parent that can be, for so many reasons, on so many levels,” says Herren. “To watch my son blaze his own trail and not be in fear of the past and face the opportunities in front of him is amazing.

“He probably wouldn’t want me to say this, but every time I watch him, I could cry.”

—U of L volleyball signee Shannon Shields has been named the Gatorade Arizona Volleyball Player of the Year.

—This is ridiculous.

Hurts has since committed to Oklahoma.

—Duke and Virginia and Michigan are getting a significant amount of attention, but Tennessee is just kicking the shit out of everyone it plays right now.

—I wasn’t ready to receive this news and I am rattled as hell.

—Last night in the ACC:

No. 4 Virginia 81, No. 9 Virginia Tech 59
No. 13 North Carolina 75, Notre Dame 69
Wake Forest 71, No. 17 NC State 67

—Tonight in the ACC (besides Louisville-BC):

Georgia Tech At Clemson (9 p.m./ACCNE)

—It’s an Athletic link(!!!!), but Jeff Greer’s piece on Dwayne Sutton, his upbringing, and working his ass off to go from one D-I scholarship offer to arguably the most important player on the team he grew up rooting for is very awesome.

His parents still see their Waynie, the risk-taking biker, the kid who just wants to hoop whenever and wherever he can, the undefinable player who is willing to mix it up with anyone, no matter their size or talent. His mom still thinks about all those rides to the parks and rec centers around the city, where she’d drop him off and go exercise while he played. All that time in the car and in the park: It added up.

“I can’t say this enough,” Bell says. “He got this on his own.

This is when Sutton could lurch out of his personality. He isn’t just the quietly intense worker anymore; he’s also one of Louisville’s key players. The accolades are coming again. But that’s not the Sutton this city has come to know. That’s not who he is. He’s still the same guy, the kid who is obsessed with winning and detests losing.

“I’m just a 21-year-old kid playing for a university I grew up loving,” Sutton says. “I think people see that with the way I play. I don’t really care about exposure. I don’t really care about anything more than winning the game. That’s it.”

—Anthony Edwards is the current No. 1 high school basketball player in America, and he’s probably going to wind up in the ACC.

—Happy 1/16 to UMBC.

—Rick Bozich’s ACC basketball notebook looks at rising Louisville and Virginia.

—Seventh Woods played really well for North Carolina last night, but he also did this:

That’s one of the finniest passes I’ve ever seen.

—And finally, beat Boston College.