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Lamar Jackson and Scott Satterfield are bros

On the basketball side, we’ve seen how beneficial it’s been already for Chris Mack to establish relationships with guys like Donovan Mitchell and Terry Rozier, two players who played for Rick Pitino but have remained outspoken in their support for U of L since Pitino’s departure. Mitchell, in particular, has consistently reached out to Cardinal recruits, and even came back to U of L for an open run during the biggest recruiting weekend of the fall.

Now, it looks like we might be seeing Scott Satterfield establishing the same type of relationship with the most notable former Louisville player currently suiting up in the NFL.

Lamar is a guy who is going to resonate with the best high school football players in the country for a while now, so making sure he remains directly attached to the Louisville brand is a big deal.

Very cool and also very comforting to see this.