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After the buzzer: Kentucky

Kentucky v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

My last post of 2018 (no idea what year you will read this in) is the worst kind to write. The kind where I am talking about Louisville losing to Kentucky in basketball. Since we are a few days removed from the game, I won’t ramble on and on. You saw it. You have your opinions on it. This one will have a lot of film review, in which you can see some of my thoughts in those tweets. So I will try to keep this one brief, and hope that 2019 begins better than 2018 ended.

Quick Hitters

-I was happy for Christen Cunningham to have the big game that he did. As a kid that grew up in Georgetown, Kentucky, he gets the rivalry. He finally got his chance to be apart of it, and he responded well. He was one of the only bright spots for the Cards for me.

-Jordan Nwora continues to score points and give up a lot of points. More on that in the film review, but he has to improve on that end of the floor. There is a disadvantage every time the Cards are on defense if not.

-It felt like Kentucky played team basketball, and Louisville tried to go one on one too much. I would not have expected that. The assist margin was 11 to 7 in favor of Kentucky, but it felt like it was a wider gap.

-Dwayne Sutton not being a factor was frustrating. His fouls may not have been fouls, but anytime you reach in, you are leaving it up to the official to make that call or not. When guys drive, he reaches in and it should usually be a jump ball, but again, you are putting your trust in the guys in stripes to see it happen pretty quickly.

-It looked like Darius Perry was about to have a huge game after his first two buckets, and then he started throwing the ball to the blue team. And they were usually bad turnovers that led to the Wildcats in transition. It was not his finest outing.

-You will see this in the film review, but it was so frustrating to see so many 50/50 balls or offensive rebounds end up with Kentucky, and it leading to points. You can’t have that many self-inflicted wounds if you are going to win a big rivalry game. There is a play where UofL didn’t box out, and it ended up leading to 4 points for the Cats on one possession because of fouling and missing out on another rebound on the same possession.

-Sometimes, it’s as simple as making shots. Louisville made six more free throws than Kentucky. Kentucky made one more three-pointer than Louisville. But overall field goals? Kentucky made 29 and Louisville made 20. Not much else to say there.

-That’s all I’ve got. I will save the rest for the film review. It’s mostly negative, but it should be after a loss. I don’t dislike anyone on the team, but I have to point out what I see. Enjoy! (Good luck)

Film Review: