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Wednesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

The music didn’t die in Orlando, it died in Clear Lake, Iowa. The Bensingers take the CC Summer/Fall Tour there to pay their respects.

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—The seventh-ranked Louisville men’s soccer team got smacked by Kentucky, 3-0 Tuesday night. It’s the second straight year the Cards have fallen to the Cats.

—ESPN’s post-week 1 bowl projections have Louisville facing USF in the Military Bowl or against UCF in the Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl. I think we could get a whole lot more mileage out of the second one.

—CBS has Louisville at No. 19 in its “Bottom 25” rankings.

The college football world should thank Louisville for doing them a favor and serving as Alabama’s Season Opening Sacrificial Lamb. Nick Saban must appease the Crimson Gods with the blood of somebody, and this year it was just Louisville’s turn.

Old Dominion is No. 1.

—ESPN announced Wednesday a 20-hour, 10-part documentary “Basketball: A Love Story” from Peabody Award-winning director Dan Klores. The project, which consists of more than 60 interconnected “short stories,” will be available across multiple ESPN platforms in a variety of viewing experiences. Both Rick Pitino and Denny Crum were interviewed for the project.

—Man ain’t wrong.

—USA Today re-ranks all 130 FBS teams after week one and has Louisville at No. 57, one spot behind Kentucky.

—Ivan Maisel’s piece on Tyler Hilinksi and the grief of parents dealing with death of a child by suicide is the most moving thing you’ll read today.

—Louisville is down 52 spots from No. 26 to No. 78 in the week two S&P Rankings.

—Updated college football odds from Bovada:

Odds to Win the 2019 CFP National Championship

Team 8/30/18 Current Odds (9/5/18)

Alabama 11/5 7/4

Clemson 4/1 9/2

Georgia 8/1 8/1

Ohio State 15/2 8/1

Auburn 22/1 16/1

Wisconsin 26/1 18/1

Notre Dame 40/1 20/1

Oklahoma 26/1 22/1

Penn State 30/1 40/1

West Virginia 125/1 40/1

Washington 15/1 45/1

Michigan State 35/1 50/1

LSU 80/1 55/1

USC 65/1 60/1

Virginia Tech 125/1 65/1

Michigan 18/1 70/1

Oregon 100/1 75/1

Mississippi State 125/1 75/1

Stanford 70/1 75/1

Florida 100/1 100/1

Miami Florida 40/1 125/1

Texas A&M 150/1 125/1

TCU 175/1 125/1

Florida State 50/1 200/1

Nebraska 175/1 200/1

South Carolina 200/1 200/1

Texas 50/1 200/1

Utah 300/1 200/1

Central Florida 250/1 250/1

Oklahoma State 300/1 275/1

Boise State 350/1 300/1

Houston U 1000/1 300/1

Iowa 250/1 300/1

Iowa State 350/1 300/1

Northwestern 900/1 350/1

Washington State 900/1 400/1

Boston College 900/1 450/1

Missouri 400/1 450/1

NC State 500/1 500/1

Syracuse 900/1 500/1

Kansas State 300/1 600/1

Maryland 900/1 500/1

Georgia Tech 750/1 750/1

Minnesota 900/1 750/1

Arizona 150/1 900/1

Arizona State 900/1 900/1

Arkansas 900/1 900/1

Baylor 900/1 900/1

BYU 1000/1 900/1

California 1000/1 900/1

Duke 900/1 900/1

Florida Atlantic 900/1 900/1

Fresno State 1000/1 900/1

Illinois 1000/1 900/1

Indiana 1000/1 900/1

Kentucky 900/1 900/1

Memphis 900/1 900/1

North Carolina 900/1 900/1

Pittsburgh 900/1 900/1

Purdue 750/1 900/1

San Diego State 900/1 900/1

South Florida 900/1 900/1

Tennessee 500/1 900/1

Texas Tech 900/1 900/1

UCLA 350/1 900/1

Vanderbilt 1000/1 900/1

Virginia 1000/1 900/1

Wake Forest 900/1 900/1

Kansas 1000/1 Off the Board

Oregon State 1000/1 Off the Board

Rutgers 1000/1 Off the Board

Odds to Win the 2018 Heisman Trophy

Player 8/30/18 Current Odds (9/5/18)

Tua Tagovailoa (QB Alabama) 15/2 4/1

Will Grier (QB West Virginia) 11/1 5/1

Dwayne Haskins (QB Ohio State) 11/1 6/1

Trace McSorley (QB Penn State) 12/1 9/1

Jonathan Taylor (RB Wisconsin) 17/2 10/1

McKenzie Milton (QB UCF) 35/1 11/1

Bryce Love (RB Stanford) 13/2 12/1

Kyler Murray (QB Oklahoma) 20/1 18/1

Justin Herbert (QB Oregon) 30/1 22/1

Jake Fromm (QB Georgia) 15/1 25/1

D’Andre Swift (RB Georgia) 40/1 25/1

Khalil Tate (QB Arizona) 12/1 25/1

Jarrett Stidham (QB Auburn) 25/1 30/1

Brandon Winbush (QB Notre Dame) 50/1 30/1

Drew Lock (QB Missouri) 45/1 35/1

Damien Harris (RB Alabama) 55/1 40/1

Trevor Lawrence (QB Clemson) 16/1 40/1

Jake Browning (QB Washington) 25/1 50/1

AJ Dillon (RB Boston College) 80/1 50/1

J.K. Dobbins (RB Ohio State) 40/1 50/1

Justice Hill (RB Oklahoma State) 125/1 60/1

Shea Patterson (QB Michigan) 20/1 65/1

Cam Akers (RB Florida State) 60/1 85/1

Deondre Francois (QB Florida State) 60/1 85/1

Ed Oliver (DL Houston) 100/1 90/1

Kelly Bryant (QB Clemson) 50/1 100/1

Nick Fitzgerald (QB Mississippi State) 50/1 100/1

Travis Etienne (RB Clemson) 80/1 100/1

David Sills (WR West Virginia) 225/1 100/1

Stephen Carr (RB USC) 200/1 175/1

Nick Bosa (DL Ohio State) 125/1 200/1

Sam Ehlinger (QB Texas) 35/1 200/1

Ryan Finley (QB NC State) 200/1 225/1

Frank Nutil (QB Temple) 200/1 Off the Board

—Jeff Brohm makes $3.8 million and still drives a 2004 Honda Accord.

—Ava Kellner is still excited about the rest of the season, she just needs a quick breather.

—LJ Nesbitt of The Crunch Zone reacts to the Bama loss.

—Congrats to Asia Durr on being named the 2018 Women In Sports Honors (WISH) Athlete of the Year.

—We need a Chronicloid on Chris Mack’s first Louisville team, and this is a golden opportunity.

—Jake Lourim says that the game film from Alabama shows no good answer to Louisville’s running back problem.

—U of L’s financially struggling student newspaper got two big donations from Congressman John Yarmuth and Matthew Barzun on Tuesday.

—This is enjoyable.

—Crews are working overtime to finish the Cardinal Stadium expansion by game time Saturday.

—In his latest slew of interviews on Wednesday, Rick Pitino now says he’s done coaching and that he wrote his new book for closure.

—Gary Parrish writes that at this point you either believe Pitino or you don’t, and that a book isn’t going to do anything to change that.

Coaches have for decades covered their eyes and ears and declined to ask questions they otherwise might in an attempt to be able to honestly say what Pitino is still saying today -- that they didn’t know this thing got done this way. Trust me when I tell you, there are coaches still working at the high-major level who have similarly benefitted from shoe-company involvement, and those coaches have either directly been involved in the deals or made it known they don’t want to know anything about any deals. One or the other. But none of them are so naive that they don’t know when they secure a commitment under unusual circumstances via outside influences.

That’s what I think, at least.

And it’s why I completely understand why an athletic director would be hesitant to hire Pitino but also totally get why this entire ordeal is so frustrating for him. He’s one of the greatest college basketball coaches of all-time and yet unemployed because his program got caught using a shoe company to enhance recruiting, which is something other programs have long done. Rest assured, this type of transaction did not start with Adidas and Louisville. It might stop there. But it definitely didn’t start there.

Pitino’s new book doesn’t make that point.

But I’m comfortable making it for him.

And yet, ultimately, none of it matters much. As Pitino has acknowledged many times, he was responsible for everything that happened in Louisville’s program on his watch, and too many bad things happened in Louisville’s program on his watch. A big scandal so soon after another big scandal was never going to be survivable. The only question left is whether Pitino is telling the truth when he continues to insist he didn’t know anything about anything. Unfortunately, it’s possible we’ll never have a clear-picture of that, which means this could forever be a his-word-against-the-perception thing. And if that’s the way it plays out, then you’ll either believe him or you won’t. But, at this point, there’s not really anything he can say or write that’ll change anybody’s mind in either direction.

—Lonnie Galloway met with the media after practice on Tuesday to talk a little about Louisville’s offensive performance against Alabama.


—Louisville’s Dorcas Wasike has been named the ACC Cross Country Women’s Co-Performer of the Week for the opening week of the 2018 season.

—The New York Giants have waived William Gay.

—Jeff Walz and U of L are hosting a “15-year-old dunking sensation” from Canada this weekend.

—This is very worth the five minutes it takes to watch.

Because thousands showed up to pay their respects on Tuesday, the Asher family has decided to stream John’s funeral today.

—Alabama did “whatever it pleased” against Louisville.

—Massive payments to ex-officials have triggered an IRS investigation into the U of L Foundation. Awesome.

—Shoutout to former Louisville wide receiver Scott Radcliff on the birth of his new Cardinal.

—247 Sports has Louisville all the way down at No. 11 in its week 2 ACC power rankings.

—And finally, who will step up with defensive captain Jonathan Greenard out for the foreseeable future?