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Bobby Petrino: Jonathan Greenard will be out “a while”

For the second straight year, Louisville loses their defensive captain in game one.

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

At his weekly press conference, Bobby Petrino announced that defensive end Jonathan Greenard would miss an extended amount of time this season due to a hand injury. Petrino described the injury as a significant ligament issue. Greenard was injured in the Alabama game on the play where Dee Smith returned a fumble for a touchdown before the play was reviewed and overturned. From the view on the broadcast it didn’t look like anything significant happened on the play. Greenard came off the line and spun off of an offensive linemen and when he turned his arm was at his side and he was in obvious pain.

Greenard returned to the sideline in a full cast with his thumb immobilized. One can assume that the ligament injury is to his thumb. Petrino didn’t offer a timetable for his return, but depending on how severe the injury is, Greenard might be able to play with a “club” cast at some point this season.

Here’s to hoping that Greenard is a quick healer and he can get back on the field this season. In his absence, Petrino mentioned Tabarius Peterson and Derek Dorsey as guys that need to step up while he’s out. .