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Thursday morning Cardinal news and notes

The summer/fall tour refuses to slow down. We’re in Barcelona this morning.

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—Spread check: Florida State by 6.

—Florida State could have a very important offensive lineman back in the lineup on Saturday.

—The Seminole defense appears to be fired up to face a team that has dropped 94 points on them over the last two years.

Harlon Barnett wasn’t in Tallahassee over the past two years to witness a Lamar Jackson lead Louisville going scorched earth on FSU’s defense. That didn’t stop him from grinning ear to ear when he was asked if this defense is taking their trip to Louisville this weekend personally.

“I would think so. Yeah, absolutely,” Barnett said, baffled by Louisville’s scoring totals over the last two years. “To say a combined almost 100 points, wow. They’ll go up there fired up. We’ll be ready to go.”

Florida State’s current starting defense includes a lot of young players that weren’t on the field two years ago when Lamar Jackson produced the bulk of his Heisman highlights against the Seminoles. But players like Brian Burns and Demarcus Christmas? They remember. They remember being the number two team in the nation and getting embarrassed on national television in College Gameday’s game of the week.Those memories are not soon forgotten, and you have to think defensive end Brian Burns will have them in mind on Saturday.

—The sixth-ranked Louisville men’s soccer team gutted out a 2-1 road win over Georgetown on Tuesday.

—We’re not even a full month into the season and already there are only 10 teams getting CFP odds from Bovada.

Will Alabama make the 4 team playoff?

Yes -550 (2/11)

No +375 (15/4)

Will Clemson make the 4 team playoff?

Yes -200 (1/2)

No +160 (8/5)

Will Georgia make the 4 team playoff?

Yes -160 (5/8)

No +130 (13/10)

Will Michigan make the 4 team playoff?

Yes +650 (13/2)

No -1200 (1/12)

Will Ohio State make the 4 team playoff?

Yes -130 (10/13)

No EVEN (1/1)

Will Notre Dame make the 4 team playoff?

Yes +160 (8/5)

No -200 (1/2)

Will Oklahoma make the 4 team playoff?

Yes +220 (11/5)

No -280 (4/15)

Will Penn State make the 4 team playoff?

Yes +130 (13/10)

No -160 (5/8)

Will Stanford make the 4 team playoff?

Yes +600 (6/1)

No -1000 (1/10)

Will Washington make the 4 team playoff?

Yes +500 (5/1)

No -800 (1/8)

—Katina Powell is back in the news, this time for her involvement in a robbery and assault of the same man she was already arrested for defrauding earlier this year.

Thomas Tyre, who has previously disclosed a relationship with Powell, claims in a Louisville Metro Police investigative report that Powell and a man named Ernest Powell entered his home Saturday night and Katina Powell demanded money.

Ernest Powell is accused of pulling out a knife and cutting Tyre inside his mouth. The two men struggled and Tyre suffered knife wounds on his hands, according to the report.

Tyre, 55, said Katina Powell told Ernest “not to hurt him that bad during the assault,” according to the police narrative.

The two left with Tyre’s wallet, $120 in cash and his iPhone, according to the documents. Tyre was taken by EMS to University Hospital for his injuries, the report says.

I’ll never get over the fact that this was the person who brought down Louisville basketball.

Tyre, a dentist, was arrested himself last month for allegedly writing unlawful prescriptions for controlled substances.

—Not shockingly, Florida State players haven’t forgotten about the 2016 beatdown they were dealt the last time they came to Cardinal Stadium.

—It’s all coming together.

—Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant officially announced on Wednesday that he is transferring, which means you can expect to hear reports of Kelly Bryant sightings all across the city starting this weekend.

— ranks Louisville commit Jaelyn Withers as the top high school player in Ohio.

—U of L athletic association lawyers aren’t buying Andre McGee’s attempt to intervene in Rick Pitino’s lawsuit and bar a private investigator from revealing information about him.

—Offensive line coach Mike Summers says Louisville took a big step forward on Tuesday.

But the Cardinals did watch the video of the game and on Tuesday afternoon went back to the practice field.

U of L spent three hours at practice preparing for Saturday’s 3:30 p.m. game against Florida State at Cardinal Stadium. Offensive line coach and co-offensive coordinator Mike Summers said the practice was “big step” forward from the weekend.

“It wasn’t good offense and it was disappointing,” Summers said of the Virginia game. “But there’s things that can be fixed in there and we took a big step today in trying to get that done. I was really proud of the way the guys came out today and responded.

“They came out in the practice field with the right focus and they understood their situation right now. They were challenged by the coaching staff, and challenged by each other and I thought they responded to that challenge and looked good on the practice field.”

—The U of L volleyball team will face ACC tests in the form of Clemson and Georgia Tech this weekend. Here’s a preview.

—Louisville women’s soccer goal scoring machine Brooklynn Rivers has earned a national player of the week honor.

—Brian Bowen talks with The Athletic about how he found out that he was at the center of the college basketball scandal that broke exactly a year ago yesterday.

Bowen says he found out about the allegation the same way everyone else did.

“I found out on the TV,” Bowen told The Athletic. “I was coming from class, and walking to study hall. I walked through the locker room, they have a big TV right there. On the bottom, it said ‘breaking news, Louisville, all that’ and then I checked my phone and it started blowing up like crazy. I had no clue what was going on, and people started putting my name towards it and I was lost about it all.”

The NCAA, being an amateur organization, immediately began its own investigation into Bowen to determine the accuracy of the allegation in order to determine his eligibility. From that point forward, Bowen says he was completely in the dark about what happened. “I knew as much as the media knew at the time,” Bowen said. “It was really crazy.”

Eventually, Louisville told him that they would never clear him to play basketball at the university, and he decided to transfer. He finished out his classes during his first semester with a 3.4-grade point average and began fielding calls from other schools.


“I was the first person in the whole situation, and I was the last person out of it,” Bowen said. “Guys were getting cleared to go to school next year, and I felt like I was left out to dry. I never got a full, 100 percent answer (from the NCAA). To this day, I still haven’t received one. I was over it, so I just decided to look toward the future and find another route.”

—The Breeders Cup festivities at Churchill Downs in November will feature a tribute to John Asher.

—U of L has been named the country’s top university for serving the needs of African American students.

—Goalie masks remain awesome.

—Shoutout to Southeast Missouri State’s president on these skills.

—Joe Jacoby will be signing autographs outside Cardinal Stadium Saturday afternoon. Here are the details:

WHO: Former University of Louisville and NFL Offensive Lineman Joe Jacoby, three-time Superbowl winner with the Washington Redskins

WHAT: Take Your Tailgate to the Next Level” event with Joe Jacoby who will sign autographs before the game, during tailgating time. (A special event sponsored by GO RVing.) There will be three RVs for fans to tour, free premiums – sunglasses and lip balm/sunblock sticks -- cornhole and other fun games in a tailgating environment, and enter-to-win sweepstakes for a $700 Domestic portable refrigerator.

WHERE: Cardinal Stadium – StreetFest located in Bronze Lot D

WHEN: Saturday, September 29, prior to University of Louisville – Florida State University game from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm ET

WHY: Go RVing is celebrating “Take Your Tailgate to the Next Level day and wants to provide fans with in-person RV experiences they may not otherwise have. Each year more than 150,000 consumers tour RVs, engage in fun games and learn about the RV lifestyle at sport and other kinds of entertainment events.

—The ACC was supposed to be good at football in 2018. The ACC is bad at football in 2018.

—Donovan Mitchell knows how to ingratiate himself with a community.

—Redbox is apparently still a thing so of course it’s sponsoring a bowl game.

—The NC State men’s soccer team is seeking a signature win over U of L.

—Each member of Louisville basketball’s new coaching staff owes a large debt to the late Skip Prosser.

—Lance Thomas would have had this.

—The FloRugby national Freshman of the Week is Cardinal Isaac Bales.

—The U of L baseball team will be hosting a free scrimmage against Indiana Saturday morning/afternoon at Jim Patterson Stadium.

—Over the weekend, Rick Pitino paid Mick Cronin and the Cincinnati Bearcats a visit.

—He was with Jim Boeheim and the Syracuse team on Wednesday.

—Is this ... when are ........ are there more froyo robots coming to Louisville?

—I don’t hate it, but I’ve been surprised to see so many computer simulation systems liking Louisville to bounce back this weekend. Here’s another one.

—The Cards are at No. 9 in the Daily Progress’ ACC power rankings.

—Six programs were named in the original FBI indictment that “rocked” college basketball. Exactly one year later, five of them have top 20 recruiting classes.

—Despite the team’s early struggles, Florida State’s run defense has been solid.

Though there is one bright spot they can point to: their ability to defend the run.

The Seminoles are 11th in the FBS in rush defense, allowing just 97.5 yards per game. Florida State held Northern Illinois to six rushing yards on 20 carries in a 37-19 win on Saturday, the lowest total allowed by the Seminoles since they held Colorado to -27 yards in Sept. 2007.

“That’s something we’d like to do each and every week,” Florida State coach Willie Taggart said. “If we can make a team one-dimensional, it gives us an advantage. That was really impressive by our defense.”

Not great news for a Cardinal rushing attack that currently ranks 110th in the country.

—At least we’re No. 1 in something.

—And finally, The Daily Nole lays out Florida State’s biggest questions for the Louisville game.