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Malik Cunningham doesn’t know how to slide

Could history be repeating itself?

Western Kentucky v Louisville Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Malik Cunningham met with the media following Louisville’s practice on Tuesday.

Cunningham said that when he was informed that he would be the Cardinals’ starting quarterback on Saturday, it was the moment he had “been waiting for my entire life.” He talked about the responsibility that comes with a promotion like this one, the confidence he has in his teammates, and all the other things you would expect him to say in the situation.

And then there was this quote ...

Perhaps we’ve been comparing Malik to the wrong former Louisville quarterback all along, because that quote sounds an awful lot like ...

Teddy Bridgewater being great at virtually every aspect of football except for sliding remains one of my favorite U of L things of the past decade.

Unlike Teddy, Malik figures to be spending a considerable amount of time outside the pocket whenever he’s on the field. I’m not saying we need to be having sliding practice during Wednesday’s afternoon session, I’m just saying let’s make sure our new quarterback doesn’t nearly knock himself unconscious the way Teddy used to come close to doing.