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“Lamar’s Leap” immortalized with $100,000 chain

Accessories are important.

In 2016, Lamar Jackson’s hurdle of a Syracuse defender was his first, and ultimately biggest, Heisman moment. In 2017, the image became the subject of shirts and other Louisville fan merchandise.

Now, in 2018, “Lamar’s Leap” is a $100,000 chain.

According to TMZ, pendant — made by Stacks Custom Jewelry in Miami — is 257 grams of gold with 25 ctw/carats of VVS quality stones. I don’t know what any of that means, but apparently it all adds up to a 100L purchase.

Imagine one second of your life being cool enough that you could turn it into a $100,000 pendant.

I plan on doing the same thing one day with an image of me typing on the couch, wearing pajama pants and looking increasingly overweight. Only the business will be Cafe Press, the material will be plastic, and the cost will be 15 bucks. Just as cool though.