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Mekhi Becton lives out “every fat man’s dream”

Get up, big fella.

NCAA Football: Indiana State at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday night was one of the strangest, if not the strangest, Louisville football games of all-time.

A lot of the bizarre goings-on were frustrating at best, and downright negative at worst. One of the exceptions came in the fourth quarter, when offensive tackle Mekhi Becton — all 6’7, 355-pounds of him — got airborne for a 1-yard touchdown run.

“I never scored a touchdown in my life,” Becton said. “We practiced it all week and when he called it in the huddle I was ready.I was a little nervous. I just had to make sure that I held onto the ball. I needed to score.”

The package and the run reminded Louisville fans of the first Petrino era, when the head coach made a habit of handing the ball to offensive lineman Kurt Quarterman in goalline situations. Quarterman finished his Cardinal career with four carries, all 1-yard touchdown runs.

The philosophy of Bobby 3.0 is pretty simple: Nothing but straight dive plays for offensive linemen.