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Tuesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Keiji and Oujis are representing Lamar and Terry in Havana.

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—Our thoughts are with Denny Crum and the entire Crum family, as coach had a grandson pass away earlier this week.

—Jeff Walz and his USA Basketball squad destroyed Columbia to advance to today’s gold medal game against Canada. He’ll be on R&R this afternoon to talk about it.

—The U of L women’s soccer team has been picked to finish 9th in the ACC. Sophomore Emina Ekic was the lone Cardinal to make the preseason all-conference team.

—Sports Illustrated likes Clemson, not Alabama, as the preseason No. 1 team in the country.

You can see the full top 25 here.

—Cecil Hurt wonders aloud if Jalen Hurts’ outspokenness will help or hurt him in the weeks to come.

—EDSBS breaks down what people at yesterday’s Urban Meyer rally are really mad about.

—Shaq Wiggins and Tyler Ferguson are two of the players signed to the “new XFL.”

—The former Card has a habit of doing this.

—Thirteen North Carolina football players, including QB Chazz Surratt, have been suspended for selling their school-issued Nikes. Fake classes all good though.

—In related news ...

The fact that this results in a suspension when certain other things do not is absurd.

—Popular local rapper Wavytheking was among those who were arrested with Chane Behanan over the weekend.

—The Overseas Elite team has built a The Basketball Tournament dynasty.

—This is very cool of Dr. Bendapudi.

—Sixteen schools that would be perfect for a college football ‘Hard Knocks’

—Bill Connelly has a really good read on all the interesting things happening with Ivy League football.

—Who’s the fastest player on Louisville’s football team? Cornelius Sturghill says it’s still him.

Happy birthday, Lee Corso. Never forget (from 100 Things Louisville).

Fan interest in Louisville football was low when Corso took over. The team hadn’t won more than seven games in a season since 1957, and the basketball program was on its way to becoming a national power. Corso was willing to try anything in order to drum up some added intrigue, so when a friend informed him that the circus was coming to town and suggested that he should ride one of the elephants that was about to arrive at the Fairgrounds as a way to sell some extra season tickets, he didn’t bat an eye.

”I thought it was gonna be a little one,” Corse recalled in a 1973 Chicago Tribune article. “But this elephant was so big I had to lay down so we could get under viaducts. I was supposed to wave to the crowd, but have you ever been on an elephant? They walk blump-blump, like a tossing ship, tilting forward. And those sharp hairs get right through your clothes. I was so scared I’ve got scars on my fingers because I held onto the strap so hard. There I was, for 45 minutes, bleeding all over the elephant. Kids would come by and honk the horns on their bicycles and I would yell at them to stop it.

”When we finished, I’d found I’d pulled both my groin muscles because I’d been holding on so hard with my legs. They had to help me walk to the car. I was sweaty and I stunk and my pants were ruined -- and people still think I planned it.”

So was it worth it?

”No,” Corso answered at the annual Governor’s Cup Luncheon in Louisville in 2015. “I got off the elephant and the damn thing spit at me. Then a guy walks over to me and says, ‘congratulations coach, you’ve sold four tickets.’”

—Regardless of how you feel about the way Rajon Rondo is on the court or the fact that he played at UK, there’s no way to hate on all the good he’s done for the Louisville community.

—U of L did not make the final four for Kahlil Whitney.

—A look at the coolest parts of the new Kentucky International Convention Center.

—Louisville stays at 75/1 to win the national title in hoops next season.

—Is the fast-football craze fading with college offenses? It would appear so.

—Big Red Louie previews the Cardinal linebackers.

—Corey Ray has been named the Southern League Player of the Month for July.

—After sitting out a season following a transfer from Oklahoma, Cardinal corner P.J. Mbanasor is beyond ready to get back on the field.

“I’m excited,” Mbanasor said. “It’s been awhile. I’m trying to be as professional as I can to just come out and do my job. I’m just trying to do everything right so when I do get out on the field I can help our team.”

Head coach Bobby Petrino is careful with his praise at times, but he hasn’t been shy about his admiration of the secondary. Despite losing four starters, including a first-round draft choice, Petrino feels this group might be the best during his nine seasons at Louisville.

”We have a lot of guys who can compete,” Mbanasor said. “We have a lot of depth and have a next man up mentality. Everybody has been in their playbooks enough to be extremely versatile.”

—Never forget that the Lions were tanking before tanking was cool.

—Kentucky football has a plan to raid Louisville for all of its recruiting talent. Good luck with that.

—So you’re sayin’ there’s a chance.

—Four-star small forward Patrick Williams also included Louisville in his trimmed list.

—I know it’s fashionable to hate on Adidas uniforms, but I have to say that pretty much all the football unis they unveiled yesterday look pretty slick.

—And finally, Teddy Bridgewater says that simply being able to play football again “gives me chills.”