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The Cardinal Countdown: 26 Days Until Kickoff

TCU v Louisville

#26 Chris Taylor-Yamanoha

Class: RS Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-2/178

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Rohnert Park, CA

Twitter: @christayami

Thoughts: Chris, while not extremely active on game day, having only played in one game since arriving on campus, has certainly not had a boring career thus far on the practice field. A talented high school wideout who journeyed back to Louisville due to some family ties (shout out Michael J Fox) CTY has been a mover and a shaker on the roster. Coming into the program Coach McGee and Petrino loved what CTY could do at wideout but saw the depth chart at the position and felt that Chris may be better utilized on the other side of the ball at corner, a position he also played back in high school. Chris performed well as a true freshman but not unlike many others in his position a decision to give him a redshirt was made and his 2016 season was a wrap.

Fast forward a few months and CTY was now playing Spring ball in 2017 at….wait for it….wide receiver. Petrino wanted CTY back in his arsenal and what Bobby wants, Bobby gets. Chris saw some time last year against Murray but was limited to the practice squad the rest of the year. When Chris came into the program I think lots of folks, myself included, envisioned him being a two or three year contributor depending upon how the depth chart/recruiting played out while he was on campus. The Cards have some extremely talented wide receivers on the roster this year, including three players who finished in the Top 100 nationally in yds/rec but there is definitely an opportunity to fill in the “2nd string” gaps for 2018 and 2019. CTY has a little bit more height than I’d like for a guy in the slot but needs another 15-20 pounds to bang on the outside and not get pushed around. We know for sure Jaylen is gone after 2018 and with Seth and Dez both three seasons removed from high school they will have the option to go as well. CTY will have chance to slide right into one of those spots with a solid showing in 2018.

Sweet Tweet:

I’ve yet to have a crazy Louisville football dream this year and we’re less than a month till we kick it off. My subconscious is slacking.