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Louisville football releases week 1 depth chart

There’s at least one major surprise.

Louisville v Purdue Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images



—Even though it was expected, good to see Jaylen Smith sitting on top of one WR group.

—The big surprise here is obviously Nick Okeke starting at one linebacker spot and being the primary backup at MLB. I’m not sure how many Louisville fans knew who Nick Okeke was before today, but my guess is that number is probably under 50 percent. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to hoping that we see an improved defense in 2018.

—As expected, we have no idea what to expect at running back.

—Would love to see Rodjay Burns emerge as a game-breaker on special teams. It’s been too long since we’ve had a big-time, but also reliable, threat back deep on kicks and punts.

—It appears as though Robbie Bell’s injury still has him sidelined.

—Some of these “who are these guys?” d-lineman are going to need to establish themselves as household names in Louisville before the end of the season if the Cards are going to overachieve in 2018.

—It’s weird looking at a depth chart and feeling more confident about the offensive line than just about any other position group.