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The Cardinal Countdown: 6 Days Until Kickoff

Cincinnati v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

#6 Russ Yeast

Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 5-11/185

Position: Cornerback

Hometown: Greenwood, IN

Twitter: @russ_yeast03

Thoughts: The lead story on Russ Yeast last year was of course “UK legends’ son spurns Cats for rival Cardinals”. It’s steamy, it’s salacious, and in a 365 day rivalry it gets clicks and sells papers. The truth of the matter of course, as described in a feature on Russ and his father Craig last season, is that his dad will always support Kentucky, unless they are playing against his son, and then family trumps rivalry as it should. While Russ was a 3-4 star corner and a Top 5 player in the state of Indiana I’m not sure he, or his father for that matter, envisioned him getting the time he did as a true freshman. Russ played in 12 games last year and started 6 of them as the secondary was hit with a few injuries during the year, most well documented of course was the injury to Jaire Alexander that created a void others looked to fill.

Russ came out of the gates months removed from high school and hit a few snags here and there, getting picked on a few times (as you’d expect them to do to a true freshman) and showing off his athleticism on other occasions breaking up passes or making tackles in open space. While every players performance last year comes with an asterisks it’s tough to judge how a young player like Russ really performed in a defense that couldn’t stop anyone. Was he contributing to the issues, or just a product of a horrible scheme? I think 2019 and beyond will help us paint a better picture of what the uber-talented Yeast can do at the corner position. One benefit in my opinion is the addition of Rodjay, Mbansaor, and Character. Sure, in the short term it may eat into his PT some but in the long term picking up tips and training side by side with three guys who are considered some of the best at that spot can only help his game improve.

I think Russ will still be in the rotation this year and at a minimum keep his reps on special teams. Looking forward to seeing his growth at the position and where he can fit in with the new BVG strategy.

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#6 Jordan Travis

Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-3/195

Position: Quarterback

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

Twitter: @JTravis10

Thoughts: Remember when the Cards went and grabbed that dual-threat Quarterback out of the West Palm Beach area who won the ‘Palm Beach Player of The Year’ and passed on a late push from the University of Florida to come play for the Cards? That kid turned out pretty good, huh? Well, Mr. Jordan Travis’ story is identical to the one above. Dual-threat, Player of the year, and told Dan Mullen “thanks, but no thanks”, Jordan joined the squad back in December during the early signing period. Jordan came on board knowing full well that Puma was in line to take over as starter this year and Mailk Cunningham was already in the fold as the likely backup, but he came anyway because he’s a competitor. I like it.

Last year as a Senior in High School Travis dropped 2,190 passing yards and 24 touchdowns while rushing for another 905 yards and 16 touchdowns. If my math is correct [carries the 3, divides by 7, inserts value into quadratic equation..] that was 3,095 yards of total offense and 40 touchdowns. Yikes. Take a look see at ol’ what Travis slicing up some folks last year…

Guess what, I found something else he has in common with Lamar. Kid can sling 30 yard ROPES on a dime, and pull a Houdini with 3 defenders on him. In fact, guys from Fall ball have already commented on the fact that Travis throws harder than anyone else on the roster including Puma and Malik.

I don’t suspect we see Travis on the field this year unless we suffer a injury at the position but glad to know it appears we got a solid talent to help guide the ship through…2023 [chuckles] Bobby and his QBs, man.

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I like Louisville this weekend as well Jordan. #ShockTheWorld