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The Cardinal Countdown: 7 Days Until Kickoff

Chris Redman #7...

#7 Dez Fitzpatrick

Class: RS Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 6-2/202

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI

Twitter: @dezfitz8

Thoughts: Dez came into the program with a decent amount of hype, looking to be the next big thing in the wide receivers room. As a true freshman Petrino saw that James Quick, Jamari Staples, and Jaylen Smith would be the Top 3 targets at wideout and gave Dez a redshirt to learn the offense and put on a little size. I’d say that plan worked swimmingly. With two of those three wideouts moving on to the NFL Dez had an opportunity to shine and he took it. Lamar got Dez the ball early (4rec/95yd/1TD against Purdue Week 1) and often (45rec/699yds/9TDs) last year, not only allowing him to become a top target for the Cards but one of the top targets in the ACC. His 699 receiving yards had him 12th in the conference, his 15.53yds/rec had him 8th in the conference, and his 9 receiving touchdowns had him sitting firmly at second place in the conference. Not too shabby for a freshman wideout. If only there was some way to relive some of those great catches and touchdowns…oh, thank you ACC Digital Network!

Dez is looking to take another step in his progression this season and if the reports from Spring and Fall are any indication I’d say he’s right on track. The only real concern for me of a statistical dropoff would be Pass spreading the ball around a little more or the offense in general taking a step back (One would assume one of the most productive offensive players in recent history leaving the program would at least have a minor impact to the team overall). Dez is in a great position opposite Jaylen Smith who will draw lots of attention this year and should provide more opportunities for Dez to make big plays. Pass will have a lot on his plate this year without a doubt but having Jaylen, Seth, and the potential “breakout star” (thanks Herbie) Dez Fitzpatrick as targets certainly helps ease the pain. It’s easy to forget that Dez is now in his third year in the program which means a stellar season may see him taking a look at the professional ranks once the year wraps up. I say this to simply point out that Louisville may have one of the best groups of receivers they’ve had in quite some time, if not ever (potentially 3-4 NFL caliber players). Enjoy this year, no matter how the W-L column may turn out.

For those who somehow missed it Dez also dropped a nice quote a couple weeks back that got some ‘Bama folks in a tizzy.

”If a cornerback can stop me one-on-one with no help, when he’s right in my face, then I’m not doing my job,” Fitzpatrick said. “I feel like every receiver in our receiving corps can honestly beat every one of their (defensive backs) one-on-one in coverage.”

Anytime you can rattle a few UK basketball fans it’s alright with me.

Sweet Tweet:

Dez did a little number swap with the departure of Reggie…but shows humility when confronted by the new Carolina Panther.

I hope both of them ball out this year.


#7 Jon Greenard

Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-4/263

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Hiram, GA

Twitter: @jongreenard58

Thoughts: Greenard officially changed his number to 7 as camp started (as predicted) but fell free to go back and read my recap on him from Day 58 again if you like.

One. Week.