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Wednesday afternoon Cardinal news and notes

Props to Charlie and Sharon Bensinger for even getting the replica guards at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin to throw the L.

—Bobby Petrino informed the media Tuesday night that former Louisville tight end Richard Owens is taking over as tight ends coach while Chris Klenakis is on administrative leave. Owens joined the U of L staff back in March.

—Louisville field hockey is No. 8 in the preseason National Field Hockey Coaches Association Division I Poll. It’s the highest preseason ranking in program history for the Cards, who also ended the 2017 season ranked No. 8 in the country.

—The surgeon who operated on Teddy Bridgewater’s “mangled” knee is amazed by the quarterback’s process.

“This surgery was an absolute gut test, a test of what you’re made of, and I’ve seen it break people down,” Cooper said. “I never saw it break Teddy down. ... Most people have no idea the volume of the workload this kid had to put in. He had a toothpick of a leg he had to rebuild.”

Bridgewater gave his doctor permission to talk to about the surgeries -- there were two -- that granted him access to a second NFL life. Cooper, the Cowboys’ team physician, remembered the first surgery lasting about four and a half hours, and the second one -- eight weeks later to treat stiffness around the knee -- lasting about an hour. Both were performed in the Carrell Clinic in Dallas.


The Vikings’ training staff and first responders stabilized Bridgewater, who did not suffer the kind of arterial or nerve damage that could’ve cost him his leg.

”But it’s certainly the worst knee dislocation in sports I’ve ever seen without having a nerve or vessel injury,” Cooper said. “It’s an injury that about 20-25 percent of NFL players are able to come back from. ... It’s a horrific injury. You’ve torn every single thing in your knee and it’s hanging on by one ligament on one side like a hinge.”

Cooper performed a reconstruction of Bridgewater’s anterior cruciate ligament. “And then everything on the lateral side of his knee was reconstructed, about five ligaments over there,” the surgeon said. “We repaired them, then took one of his own hamstring tendons and transplanted it to the lateral side of his knee.”

The experience was incredibly stressful for a doctor fully invested in his patients. And yet over and over, Cooper maintained that his repair work in such cases is effectively complete on day one, and that the athlete is left with overwhelming emotional and physical burdens that he or she has to manage every day for a year or more. In the immediate wake of his injury, Bridgewater said in a statement, “I come from amazing DNA, I watched my mom fight and win against breast cancer. We will, as a team, attack my rehab with the same vigor and energy.”

—SB Nation’s Stephen White predicts a breakout season for former Cardinal/current Chicago Bear Josh Bellamy.

—CBS asks coaches to anonymously name the player they’d most like to add to their roster for the 2018-19 season. R.J. Barrett (Duke), Carsen Edwards (Purdue) and Zion Williamson (Duke) top the list.

—Shoutout to the walk-ons and the big men for their work here.

Also, how do we feel about this “#Team105” thing? I kind of like it. It’s something that’s specific to the 2018-19 team, which makes it different than hashtagging posts with #L1C4 or #GoCards.

Not that it really matters all that much one way or the other, but whatever, it’s August 22.

—Louisville freshman forward Maisie Whitsett has been named ACC Women’s Soccer Offensive Player of the Week.

—U of L checks in at No. 50 (subscription) in The Athletic’s ranking of all 130 FBS teams.

—Is this good or bad for the upcoming season? I can’t tell.

—JJ Redick is on the latest episode of Pardon My Take and has a solid Earl Clark name drop.

—CBS’ college football writers have released their predictions for the upcoming ACC season. Two of them have Louisville finishing third in the Atlantic, one has the Cards finishing fifth, and three of the writers have U of L second-to-last in the division.

Barton Simmons highlights Louisville in the “most overrated team” section.

Louisville: I actually think Louisville is pretty talented. There will be a couple of guys that have breakout seasons on defense. The offensive line is massive. The wide receiver position is loaded. But a Louisville team that went 8-5 with a generational quarterback is not going to go 8-5 without him. Replacement arm Jawon Pass has upside, but I’d be surprised if he’s ready right out of the box in Year 1 as a starter. The bigger concern is the third defensive coordinator in three years, the most recent being the primary culprit in Notre Dame’s 2016 slump to 4-8. I see a lot of losses on this schedule. -- Barton Simmons

—We have honest to god college football games to preview for the upcoming weekend, you guys.

—Papa John Schnatter has launched, a website designed for him to talk to the public since the Papa John’s board won’t let him. It is hilarious.

—Who are the cleanest coaches in college football? Fellow coaches say Stanford’s David Shaw and Washington’s Chris Petersen.

—Duke basketball managers already in midseason form.

Yes, I made the same joke on Twitter, but I really liked it. I’m not gonna do the Baker Mayfield one though.

—The CJ continues its preseason profile series with a closer look at Malik Williams.

—The television schedule for the upcoming U of L men’s soccer season has been released.

—Jeff Greer updates his Louisville basketball recruiting big board.

—If any Cloids have any NASCAR connections, make a play here.

—Josh Nickelberry has plummeted all the way down to No. 153 in 247 Sports’ updated class of 2019 rankings. That’s easily the lowest of any of the scouting services.

—Why Alabama’s Tosh Lupoi is unlike previous Nick Saban defensive coordinators.

—Eli Rogers has been suspended without pay for Pittsburgh’s season opener for violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse.

—Happy belated, Sister Jean.

—Louisville has now turned its full focus away from camp life and towards prep for Alabama.

—I didn’t know “Super Extreme DUI” was a real thing, but it is. I know because an Arizona basketball player got one after blowing an absurd .215.

—Did you guys know that Louisville is moving on without Lamar Jackson this season? Because Louisville is moving on without Lamar Jackson this season.

—I haven’t listened to this yet, but it’s going to happen.

—The new school year at U of L is off and running.

—After week one of the season, WDRB updates its local high school football top 10.

—Ohio State will reportedly announce its decision on Urban Meyer today.

—The Orlando festivities are coming together.

A reminder that we’ll be doing the radio show from 3-6 that Friday at the Tin Room in Orlando, and then pregame from the official U of L tailgate on game day beginning at noon.

—A Texas A&M transfer has hit Jimbo Fisher with a ton of negative accusations.

—Three-star offensive guard Melvin McBride from Memphis picked Tennessee over Louisville and Arkansas Wednesday afternoon.

—Facts only.

—CJ beat writer Jake Lourim gives his game-by-game predictions for the upcoming Louisville football season. Lourim sees the Cards going 6-6.

—Our friendly foes over at Roll Bama Roll continue to be quite confident about Sept. 1.


—And finally, R&R is live from Kentucky Kingdom from 3-6 today. U of L athletic director Vince Tyra will join us in the 4 o’clock hour to discuss a number of different topics. You can listen here.