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Louisville football gets votes in preseason coaches poll

Worth a banner imo.

Louisville v Clemson Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

Louisville received three votes in the preseason college football coaches poll, which was released Thursday afternoon.

Alabama, U of L’s first opponent, was an overwhelming choice as the preseason favorite to win the national title. The Crimson Tide received 61 of the possible 65 first place votes. Three of the other votes went to No. 2 Clemson, which will host the Cardinals on Nov. 3. Ohio State, Georgia and Oklahoma rounded out the top five.

Miami (8), Virginia Tech (17) and Florida State (19) are the other ACC teams that made the cut.

Here’s the full poll:

Others receiving votes: South Carolina 138, Florida 135, Oregon 105, Utah 81, Texas A&M 67, Northwestern 67, Kansas State 35, Florida Atlantic 27, Memphis 23, Boston College 23, NC State 22, Arkansas State 19, Troy 19, Appalachian State 16, San Diego State 15, Kentucky 8, Iowa State 8, Iowa 8, Washington State 7, South Florida 6, Duke 5, Fresno State 4, Louisville 3, Arizona 2, Houston 2, Army 1, Northern Illinois 1