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U of L: Pitino knew DePaul was trying to pay Brian Bowen

DePaul ... lost?

DePaul v Connecticut Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty ImagesI

The one thing keeping the past three years of Louisville basketball news from tipping past the point of depression saturation has been the absence of anything directly related to DePaul.

Our cup of sadness is now overflowing.

According to documents obtained by WDRB’s Jason Riley, U of L is claiming in its lawsuit against Rick Pitino that the former Cardinal head coach was a “central figure” in the recruitment of Brian Bowen and was aware that other schools were trying to pay for Bowen’s services. The evidence of this? The following text message sent to former Louisville assistant Kenny Johnson:

“DePaul trying to pay Bowen 200 K to come there. Crazy world.”

No word yet on if there were any follow-up texts about missing DePaul Day, but I’m sure Riley is digging.

U of L also argues that Pitino finding out that the Bowen family was living at the Galt House was another red flag that should have been reported to compliance. It’s hard to argue against that.

While none of this proves that Pitino was working arm-in-arm with adidas to pay Brian Bowen to come play for the Cardinals, it certainly makes his assertion that Bowen “fell into his lap” look a lot worse.

Final thought: If this somehow leads to Dave Leitao being fired and DePaul has a hard time finding a new head coach this close to the start of the season, I will be willing to put aside my pride and answer that phone call. You can only say no to me seven more times before I start to get offended.