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The Cardinal Countdown: 18 Days Until Kickoff

Boise State Broncos v Louisville Cardinals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

#18 Justin Marshall

Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-3/205

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Conyers, GA

Twitter: @justooo18

Thoughts: I spoke about it more in depth last year in Marshall’s post but one big reason the Cards were able to get Justin from a multitude of other Power 5 schools was his “idolization” of former Cardinal DeVante Parker. It doesn’t take the nation’s top talent evaluator to see the similarities between the two or how Marshall could easily rise to that level of play if he puts in the work while at Louisville. The long frame, the large wingspan, his ability to high point the ball, his fearlessness over the middle…the young man has the potential to be a special player.

With talent stacked on top of talent the wide receivers room had a few NFL guys sitting in there last year and will once again this season. A redshirt for Marshall in 2017 was a good choice in my opinion (thanks for asking me, coach) as there was no need to waste a full season of eligibility when we knew Jaylen, Seth, and Dez where going to the majority of the reps. Turning the calendar to 2018 may not look all that different on the surface but in reality only 6 of the Top 10 player in total receptions return from last year and forecasting into 2019 the Cards likely lose three more in Jaylen, Seth, and Crum. All that means is that in two seasons time there may only be one holdover from the 2017 Top 10 (Dez) and the talent drop should be minimal with Marshall, Johnson, Reed, Tutu, Harris, and others waiting on their moment. See a little of what Justin can do…

If Jaylen is a no go Week 1 due to his emergency surgery last week (I think he’ll be ready) then look to Marshall to fill in some of the void on the outside. Even if Jaylen is playing I’d still expect to see Marshall get some reps every single week this season depending upon time and situation. It’s always hard to judge a kid when all we have is high school tape but I think Justin has the intangibles to be a special player. Someone who was lazy in their reporting may say “if Marshall is half the player DeVante Parker was, we got a great one”, so I won’t say that. Not my style. What I’ll say instead is that if Devante Parker playing at 50% of his max ability is equivalent to what we see from Marshall, we got a great one.

See, completely different. Not even close.

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Since I’ve never called it “that pill” I’ll use this as sole justification I am NOT in fact a old head. Nope. Just me and my fellow millennial’s together laughing at all your old man words.


#18 Tylus Hancock

Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-1/195

Position: Defensive Back

Hometown: Marietta, GA

Twitter: @TylusHancock

Thoughts: After a quick search on the interwebs it appears Mr. Hancock is a late walk-on to the program out of Marietta, Georgia. Hancock appears to have played exclusively in the secondary while in high school either as a true corner or a nickel corner the majority of the time. From what I saw it seems like he certainly isn’t afraid to seek out contact and his coaches trusted him often to play outside coverage with little help. Since Tylus was a late add there isn’t much out there about him so feel free to watch the film below and create your own educated opinion that will surely impress all your friends and colleagues….or at least the slightly intoxicated guy at the bar Week 1.


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Me and the crew when we realize it’s only 18 days until kickoff…

[And for you long time Card Chronicle readers and long time Countdown readers I’d be doing you a big disservice to let today pass and not mention the Power of the #18 jersey. Ten plus years of #18 have brought the Cards a Lou Groza Award Winner (see above), The ‘Titus Teague Playing Alert Level’, ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ Gerald Christian, Cole Hikutini, and may or may not have helped push my wife into labor almost six years ago. Can’t wait to see what Marshall and Tylus have in store.]