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The Cardinal Countdown: 58 Days Until Kickoff

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NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Louisiana State vs Louisville Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

#58 Dejmi Dumervil-Jean

Class: Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-5/357

Position: Defensive Line

Hometown: Lauderdale Lakes, FL

Twitter: @kingdez1k

Thoughts: If the name Dumervil sounds familiar to UofL fans, I’m not surprised. You’re all obviously thinking of …….Theodore Bernard Dumervil III, the 1983 Communications Graduate from Scottsdale. Last I heard he was a sales agent out in Montana. Hell of a man. Unfortunately Dejmi is of no relation to him, but he does happen to be the nephew to a former Cardinal and current NFL stud Elvis Dumervil. Maybe you’ve heard of him? While he is no Theodore, Elvis was a decent man in his own right.

If you guys are like me, as soon as I heard the name Dumervil I thought “we gotta get this kid”. Hadn’t seen a single piece of film, no idea how big he was, what position he played, or if he was even any good at football, but I wanted him. Fortunately LD Scott and Cort Dennison are pretty good at their jobs and they confirmed my suspicions early on…Dejmi was in fact good at football. The Cards beat out Rutgers (take that Ito), Kentucky (6 of the last 7), Michigan State (East Lansing is only 13 sq miles), and Mississippi State (finally beat these guys!) for Dumervil-Jean’s services. But let’s be real... we miss out on a Dumervil there would have been riots in the streets.

Dumervil-Jean played both sides of the ball in high school, excelling on both lines enough to be named an Offensive-Defensive All-American, but his passion and future appears to be on defense, following the family bloodlines of murdering opposing quarterbacks (metaphorically, of course. Not trying to catch a charge). Dejmi was considered a Top 50 defensive tackle by most services and will likely enter the fall camp with an opportunity to see the field if he shows he can perform at a high level. The one concern Petrino mentioned was that Dejmi came in a little, how should I say this…..chunky? Evidently that 357 he’s carrying isn’t exactly toned and polished, so getting in the gym, and getting on the strength and conditioning program will likely do wonders for Dumervil-Jean in that area. If that’s the biggest concern on him coming in…he’s gonna be fine.

I hate to take the easy way out and make comparisons between Elvis and Dejmi, so I’ll avoid doing that for now. What I will say is that if Dejmi turns out to be 70% of the player Elvis was while he was here we got a steal in this class. I’d think Dejmi doesn’t get a lot of reps in 2018 with the way the depth chart currently sits, but there is opportunity if he starts pushing bodies around to crack the rotation. If nothing else Dejmi could position himself well to be nice piece of the group in 2019 and beyond. Good luck to Dumervil-Jean as he starts his career at Louisville, glad to have you.

Sweet Tweet:

This picture makes me laugh. #21 is about to swallowed whole.


Whoa, two players in one day, CardinalStrong?! It’s like you love America so much you want to keep the 4th of July celebration going another day!

Yeah, two players. One Day. Suck it Russia.


#58 Jon Greenard

Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-4/261

Position: Linebacker

Hometown: Hiram, GA

Twitter: @jongreenard58


If you didn’t notice Greenard last year, I think he’ll do a pretty good job of introducing himself to the fan base in 2017.

A quote from the 2017 countdown post on Greenard, a player I told you even back in 2016 I thought would be a star on defense. Greenard took his redshirt, got solid reps in 2016 and identified himself as a player to watch, and then he blew all the way up last season. Greenard was always going to be looked at to make plays but few anticipated that he would become a starter by the end of the season and lead the team in numerous defensive statistics including TFL (15.5), TFL total yardage (104yds), sacks (7), sack yardage (74yds), and QB hurries (6). In fact, his TFL yardage and sack yardage totals were both Top 6 nationally! So what do all of these things have in common? Well, on paper Greenard spent as much time in the opposing backfield as most of their running backs. He proved he not only had a knack for getting pressure but more importantly completing the play. UofL’s twitter sent out a quick vid showing around half of his “disruptions” from last year, but still entertaining none the less.

Greenard had such a nice season in 2017 that unbeknownst to many fans he actually dipped his toe in the NFL Draft talk being that he was three years removed from High School with the redshirt season. Since he’s on this very countdown allowing me to wax poetic about him I guess we all know how that decision played out, thankfully. A player like Greenard is tough to come by and one would assume his growth will only continue this year. Since, Greenard walked onto campus in 2015 he has done everything the coaches have asked of him without fail…

Jon, we know you have speed (former WR) but you need to add some bulk to your frame.

Greenard added over 35lb in three years.

Jon, we know you can play well out of the typical linebacker stance but we could use you in other positions

Greenard learned to play with his hand in the dirt up on the line, allowing him the opportunity to get in the backfield that much quicker.

Jon, we need you to shoot your friends and family tickets over to CardinalStrong for 2018.


Even though the defense as a whole is still somewhat up in the air due to the turnover on staff and some new faces throughout the group, the linebackers should be the cornerstone of how that side of the ball performs this year. Etheridge played like a man possessed last year, CJ Avery and Peterson will get expanded roles, and some newcomers are already creating buzz in the spring, but Greenard will be the leader of the unit, and a damn good one at that. I don’t anticipate any major changes for Greenard in 2018 as BVG knows the weapon he has and will likely unleash him on opposing offenses every chance he gets. If Greenard has the season I anticipate he will, enjoy 2018, it may be his last in red and black.

Sweet Tweet:

While I certainly understand the importance of additional safety protocols being implemented across the sport of football I think we can all agree that the “targeting rule” that was implemented a few seasons ago in college football has produced quite a few head scratching moments since its enforcement. By rule the refs are placed in a tough spot and are often forced to toss players for what many would consider a clean hit or unavoidable contact. We all saw this firsthand with James Burgess back in 2015…

But it has seemed to get worse since that time…

So where do we go from here….? I don’t want to see anyone get hurt but I think the leash is a little too tight. Maybe I can be convinced to change my mind though? Thoughts?


What do think about the targeting rule in college football?

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    Targeting rule is fine as-is, we have to protect these players.
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  • 79%
    Keep targeting rule but allow official to overturn if they view there was no ‘intent’ or player tried to pull up.
    (100 votes)
  • 15%
    Targeting-Smargeting. If it looks dirty, throw flag, otherwise play on.
    (19 votes)
  • 4%
    I thought this was football? Get rid of any penalty involving hits against other players.
    (6 votes)
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