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2017-18 LCPT Quarterfinals: 0.9 Seconds vs. Jordan Jones

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The tourney rolls on.

0.9 Seconds


—An amount of time that was referenced approximately one billion times after Virginia’s defeat of Louisville in early March.

—The amount of time it took for Louisville to somehow lose a 4-point lead against the No. 1 team in the country.

—The inexplicable loss would wind up being the difference between Louisville making the NCAA tournament and spending its postseason in the NIT.




—Started fight with Lamar Jackson in the first quarter of the Battle for the Governor’s Cup.

—Tried to start a fight with his own coach after Lamar Thomas had attempted to diffuse the situation.

—Picked up approximately 79 personal foul penalties throughout the rest of the game.

—Got stomped on the field and embarrassed his entire fan base in the process.

In 24 hours, one moves on to the Final Four.


Who was less cool in 2017-18?

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  • 63%
    0.9 Seconds
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  • 36%
    Jordan Jones
    (294 votes)
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